Silverstone Capital


  Silverstone Capital Limited is a privateequity firm that covers both China and Southeast Asia. Our mission is tosupport the potential for business development and the value of its business,and to help our investors have a high rate of return.

  International knowledge, local expertise:Silverstone Capital since its inception, has been walking in the cutting edgeof world economic development. With the continued socio-economic developmentand change, we also continue to strengthen our team's technology. In manydifferent categories of projects, we will choose to have potential investmentin the project, will be with the management of the portfolio company has aclose contact, but co-ownership and more friendly to become partners. In theinvestment projects we have long-term investment and cooperation as theprimary, which allows us to get the right control of management.

  Our investment focus is on private equitydeals and leveraged buyouts, as well as minority equity investments. As apartner with our long-term partners, our success by working closely with thevarious investment companies.

  We have a highly qualified and experiencedteam of professionals engaged in business across financial services,operations, private business and management consulting.

  We have a deep understanding of theinvestment, with the international platform and other areas of investmentability of convergence. Our international experience and expertise haveestablished our long-standing relationship with many companies and suppliers,while improving the management foundation and operation of the portfoliocompany.

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