SBC Barbados


  SBC Barbados is a local Barbados company incorporated exclusively to partner with Chinese businesses that are seeking to locate a subsidiary business outside of the PRC in order to benefit from the Double Taxation Treaty (“DTT”) between the governments of both countries.

  The Agreement, signed in May 2000, governs the flow of assets in out of the PRC and reduces the amount of tax paid for Chinese companies; insuring that tax is not paid twice on the same income. The tax paid in the country of residence (Barbados) will be exempt in the country in which it arises (People’s Republic of China). Barbados enjoys a maximum 2.5% tax rate with no capital gains or withholding tax all of which will be 100% off-settable again all the Chinese tax liability. Unlike tax haven countries, this treaty is 100% transparent and a legal asset management strategy. Business between Barbados and the PRC is encouraged by both countries.
By locating its subsidiary business in Barbados, the Chinese parent company can make and keep more of its money from the sale of its goods and services as well as facilitate the movement of its asset wealth outside of China.

  SBC Barbados will provide the expertise to seamlessly set up and maintain the subsidiary active business in Barbados ensuring its Chinese clients will fully benefit from all the tax savings, export/trading strategies as well as estate and wealth protection available to them.

SBC Barbados is based in Barbados, with offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing and is staffed by experienced professionals who fully understand how business is transacted in China.

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