S-Entertainment Co Ltd


  S-Entertainment Co Ltd was formally established in early 2016, the purpose is to rely on unlimited creativity, keen trend of the market touch, and is committed to creating excellent works for the audience to bring high-quality entertainment to enjoy. "S-Entertainment" is mainly engaged in film production and distribution, advertising production, artist managers, organizing concerts and planning promotional activities. In order to establish a huge entertainment group in Asia, let the Asia’s entertainment culture shine in the world.

  S-Entertainment is committed to promoting the Hong Kong film industry, in addition to constantly promote and excavate outstanding filmmakers and actors, have also participated in the film investment projects and production, which all of our productions were highly rated by public. We will invest and produce many different types of high-quality performance projects, including conduct major concerts and other entertainment performances in Hong Kong, China and overseas, in order to compete in the entertainment industry
Artist management and training is also one of the core developments for S-Entertainment. We have experienced of artists management team and provide comprehensive training, support and publicity for our artists. With our professional team familiar with the operation of the entertainment and understanding the sense of the audience, as well as professional, unique vision, and constantly select and search the potential in the public and provide great training, in order to create a future star.

  In addition, our business also includes commercial art design, exhibition co-ordination, exhibition site layout, advertising creation, sponsor contact, promotional materials production and model management business. Whether it is creative ideas, market positioning, targeted promotional strategies and the selection of promotional media, we will be personalized for customers to create a satisfactory publicity program. Ours diversified and coherent promotion services will make the customer's product or services to obtain the desired publicity effect. "S-Entertainment" has always insisted on providing quality production, in the coming days, will develop to the best company above of the rest in entertainment industry, to lead Hong Kong's movies and music breaks out of Asia and lighten up through the world.

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