F. CANO  ——  Senior Partner


Graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy and received his Master of Science from Cambridge College in Boston. Felipe started his financial career as Co-Founder of Sterling Securities Inc., a registered SEC hedge fund broker-dealer in 1997. In 1998 he moves to Madrid, Spain to apply his financial savvy and co-founds Eurolink S.A., a financial technology company specializing in institutional electronic equity order flows across international exchanges. Eurolink becomes a leader in FIX protocol and it is acquired by NYFIX Inc., in 2000. At this time, the company was routing over one billion shares to multiple destinations within the financial electronic exchange world wide. Mr. Cano now serves as an Executive Chairman of Olidata Smart Cities LLC, a market-maker platform which uses nano-grids and microgrids as the underlying strategy to deploy the Internet of Things Protocol of the future. The partnership between Silverbear Capital and Felipe Cano is based on capturing M&A opportunities and equity investment which increases value to the IoT and Smart City industries, which will reach 11 Trillion dollars within the next decade. Felipe is based in San Francisco, California and travels extensively to Europe and Asia, cross pollinizing business opportunities.

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