C. RILEY  ——  Senior Partner - Investment Banking


With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Riley is an internationally recognized Business Development Executive with an impressive track record of forging strategic partnerships, completing M&A transactions, and structuring large scale outsourcing arrangements between the Fortune 500 & service providers in India, China, South America, and Europe.   Mr. Rileys expertise is in assisting companies to capitalize on innovating technologies by expanding globally. Mr. Riley was one the first 100 employees at Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions, which took Yahoos technology to Corporate America, he was also on the forefront of creating large-scale procurement & logistics portals for Commerce One. From an investment perspective, he assisted the Hong Kong government in creating an international investment platform as well as founding zero2OTC in Hong Kong to facilitate IPOs of main land China companies in the US.   Combining leading edge technology with outsourcing services has been a key to his success. He has held leadership positions with global offshore outsourcing providers such NEC, EXL, & Allsec, as well as, leadership positions with US providers such as IBM, EDS, & CSC. As a consultant, Mr. Riley has worked with most of the major providers including as CPI, TCS, and Infosys.

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