CHARLES LIU  ——  Partner and Head of Syndication & Investment Banking


Charles is a former director of Citibank Hong Kongs Asia Pacific Regional Processing Centre for loans operation, retired in December 2008 after servicing the bank for over 38 years.  Under his leadership, the unit has grown to become a Regional Processing Centre in 2000 with over 20 senior professionals supporting the syndication loan, agency & trust businesses in Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. He also managed his unit to successfully deal with the 1980s Philippine Moratorium, the 1997 Financial Turmoil, and the 2007 Financial Crisis, which required tremendous time, effort and experience to protect the interest of Citibank and its clients. Charles started his own career in 2009 by providing professional financial consultant work to listed companies and other private companies. In 2011, he became a partner of Granite Capital Partners Limited which focuses on financial arranging and fund sourcing business for potential clients in the emerging markets.

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