EDGAR AMBARTSOUMIAN  ——  Associate Director


Edgar brings 11 years of experience in portfolio management, investment banking, and commercial real estate credit analysis.  He has made several strategic acquisitions in 2008 post financial crisis in energy, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, which catapulted his notoriety to new heights.  Some of his deals include a financing of $17 million working capital to Six Flags post BK in a syndication deal and facilitating a $80 million lease to Consol Energy for cranes, a $5 million loan extension for Martin Luther King hospital in Los Angeles, as well as a $6.5 million bridge loan to Wendy's.  Although the success was sought in investment banking, his passion remains in trading equities and derivatives hedging. While in pursuit of a CFA, Mr. Ambartsoumian currently holds a BBA from University of Texas at San Antonio with a concentration in Finance and Accounting.

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