FRANCIS YEUNG  ——  Board of Advisor


Mr. Yeung has over 25 years of investment banking experience and is well versed in IPOs, M&As (encompassing friendly, hostile and cross-border deals), bond issues (Yankee, Samurai, ECBs and Pre-IPO CBs) and financial advisory work.  Mr. Yeung has been involved in more than 60 IPOs in Hong Kong which include mostly H Shares, Red Chips, B Shares and Hong Kong companies. For example, Mr. Yeung was involved in one of the largest issues of B Shares in Shenzhen and Shanghai, as well as the first dual listing in Singapore and Hong Kong. He has vast experience in the cross broader listings in Hong Kong, New York and London (Datang International Power Generation H, N, L shares).

Mr. Yeung started his investment banking career in 1986 and has worked in the following investment banks including China Merchant Securities as Managing Director:  Samuel Montagu (wholly owned subsidiary of Midland Bank), Bankers Trust, Nomura Securities, NatWest Securities, Standard Chartered Asia, Santander Investment, JS Cresvale, and Taiwan Securities.  Mr. Yeung graduated from the University of Hong Kong and holds a bachelor's degree in Social Sciences.

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