DESMOND LIM  ——  Dato Seri


Dato' Seri Desmond Lim has extensive finance, fund management, investor relations and investment knowledge. He is instrumental in the turnkey and financial solutions for all our projects. He is also the Chairman of Houbern International group & CEO for Golden Fortune Fish Shenzhen Inc. a public listed company in Shenzhen, China. Dato has traveled extensively and has access with global fund managers across the board may it be in the US, Europe, China, Hong Kong, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. 

Under his portfolio he is responsible in implementing the investing strategy and managing its portfolio trading activities for the best returns to investors and stakeholders. He is sharp and have a calculative mind for analyzing, mitigating risk factors and value-adding investment returns and currently Director & shareholder of Virtual currency exchange philippine inc. As a digital currency trading platform with the strength of Crypto currency market analytics. Dato' Seri is also Malaysia MyFinTech Foundation Board of Trustee. 

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