ANDY W.M. SO  ——  Partner - MENA, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE - Business Development


Andy has graduated with Bachelor degree of science in business administration from Bulacan State University and awarded Executive Diploma in Financial Planning and Registered Financial Adviser by HKMA and holds a certificate of China Certified Financial Planner by PRC. Being 30 years international business experiences, Andy has been working throughout ASIA, MENA, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE region. Last 10 years, Andy often worked with top insurance and financial instrument business, especially a remarkable in bank instruments business for international market. Constantly contributing my unique experiences for individual financial planning, valuable financial vehicle to potential clients as tailor made for all kind of projects such as commodities, infrastructure construction and mining investment management. Already making good deals of all kind mining, metallurgy, commodities, oil & gas, construction projects in country of Egypt, Qatar, Libya, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Suriname, Spain and Italy. Since 2016, Andy was invited to join into Silverbear Capital Inc & SBC Financial Group (family) for strategic partner in order to carry on the best achievements in all financial market for development to advise, structure, and execute solutions that give our potential clients an edge in the market place and achieve mutual benefit for financial goal.

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