About SBC

We provide the solutions to grow your business

Professionally assisting individuals, shareholders, and corporations, raise capital and obtain liquidity is SBC Financial Group raison d’etre. By design we are a small agile group of seasoned professionals primarily experienced in securities collateralized lending, and international banking and finance. We are global in scope and reach, with extraordinary access in Southeast Asia.

SBC Financial Group supports a broad range of clients across all aspects of their financial, trade, investment & strategic activities. We serve our global clients across APAC, North America & Europe.

SBC Financial Group delivers financing and capital raising solutions to enable companies and institutions to fund growth and strategic initiatives.

By providing innovative and powerful investment ideas to our investors, we help them deploy capital effectively while hedging risks efficiently.
With both buy side and sell side services, SBC Financial Group has unique perspective to advise, structure, and execute solutions that give our clients an edge in the market place and achieve their financial goals.

We are always on the lookout for international share based financing opportunities in the $1MM-$50MM range. We also enjoy consulting with public entities regarding M&A, uplisting and capital raising strategies, with an emphasis on synergistic partnerships with companies located in Southeast Asia and mainland China. Along those lines, we also serve to assist individuals and companies with making inroads to these regions, and can make introductions with nearly any industry in the Asian markets within a matter of days.

These are the values we live and work by.
Focus and simplify

Clients Satisfaction

Do the right thing

Quality Services

Act with ownership

Play, bigger