Meet our Team

Founder and Managing Partner

Known in global financial circles as The Architect, Peter Chun brings nearly 20 years of International finance expertise to Silverbear. Specializing in corporate restructuring, corporate finance, and M&A, Peter has worked with and represented companies of all sizes and configurations.  He also brings listing experience in Korea, Toronto, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, and in the US, as well as experience in the private equity/ pre-IPO arena.


Partner and Head of Syndication & Investment Banking

Charles is a former director of Citibank Hong Kong’s Asia Pacific Regional Processing Centre for loans operation, retired in December 2008 after servicing the bank for over 38 years.  Under his leadership, the unit has grown to become a Regional Processing Centre in 2000 with over 20 senior professionals supporting the syndication loan, agency & trust businesses in Australia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong. He also managed his unit to successfully deal with the 1980’s Philippine Moratorium, the 1997 Financial Turmoil, and the 2007 Financial Crisis, which required tremendous time, effort and experience to protect the interest of Citibank and its clients. Charles started his own career in 2009 by providing professional financial consultant work to listed companies and other private companies. In 2011, he became a partner of Granite Capital Partners Limited which focuses on financial arranging and fund sourcing business for potential clients in the emerging markets.


Partner and Co-Head of Syndication & Investment Banking

Kenneth Lo started his banking career with Citibank Hong Kong in the early 70’s and was a key player of the automation team that had successfully transformed the bank’s current accounts operation from manual to automation within two years. After 8 years working in different banking sectors including Current Accounts, Control & Audit, and Remittance departments with a supervisor title, he resigned from Citibank in 1980. Ken then joined Lark International Limited’s trading arm in Hong Kong, with a management mission to expand its trade business volume, process model, and to build up customers and banking relationship. Under his supervision and with a crew of over 10 senior staffs, he also explored trade business opportunities in China, India, and Africa. With over 28 years in the international trading business and as trade director, he retired in 2007 and established KL International Consultancy Ltd. to start his consultant service for Hong Kong and PRC trading and investment businesses to private and international clients.


Partner and Co-Head of Syndication & Investment Banking

Mr Mak is an experienced banker with 25 years of service in Citigroup Hong Kong with additional 10 years of career in the  financial services industry worldwide. He had held various key positions in the consumer and corporate sectors in Citigroup.  Mr Mak had moved from Citigroup and immigrated to Canada in the nineties.  Later in 2003, he co-founded the private firms in Hong Kong, the Synipo Holdings Limited and the NYGT Group, which provided strategic financial services to personal and corporate clients both local and overseas.  Mr Mak separated from the above companies in March 2014 and to pursue further achievements with Silverbear Capital.


Partner and Co-Head of Syndication & Investment Banking

Mr Chow is an long time experienced Citibank banker who has also served in First National Bank of Chicago and Chase Manhattan Bank in various region including New York, Hong Kong and Beijing.  Mr Chow process strong investment banking expertise and China trade experience which makes him an unique member in the Silverbear Capital family.


Partner and Co-Head of Media & Investment Banking

An accomplished executive with extensive experience in corporate finance, private equity, hedge fund, acquisitions, capital markets, EB-5 investments, mortgage, real estate, media, production, digital media, film and television. He is an executive with a 25-plus year career as a strategist, operator and brings a unique blend of creative passion and fiduciary diligence to every project. In Entertainment, he developed media funds with former associates like Ronald Shusett Productions (“Alien” and “Minority Report” fame), Tom Sherek former President of Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and former President of Distribution for Disney and Bill Mechanic (former CEO and President of Fox Films. He specialized in and excelled in all aspects Media and Entertainment, including his time at Aldamisa Entertainment (Chef, Sin City 2 a Dame for a Kill, and Machete Kills) where he served as Chief Investment Officer – CIO, and at American United Media as Consultant to Investment and Acquisition Funds that also provide Equity, Debt, Gap and P & A for the Media sector. In the technology sector, his extensive experience is as an Executive working with product development technology departments at Sony, Intel, IBM, Philips, AMD, Microsoft, Samsung, Toshiba, Siemens, Seagate, and Texas Instruments.
As a former banker and Executive Vice President at Colonial National Bank Corp., he directed 16 Southern California Branches averaging 2 Billion in loan funding per year with his extensive experience of wholesale correspondent lending, retail mortgage lending, operation, and secondary markets. He also was one of the founders of ABS Systems and one of the largest Billion dollar online retailers in North America.




Partner  – M&A and Corporate Strategy Advisor

As an experienced M&A advisor, corporate strategy advisor, and entrepreneur, Mr. Baer possesses a unique skill set in that his experience encompasses both the public and private markets. Over the past 29 years of his career, Kevin has advised, sat on boards, and has taken executive roles for startups and early-stage companies across various market sectors. As an advisor, he has been involved in significant business activity, including but not limited to; corporate restructuring, overcoming working capital deficits, RTO’s, professional service placement, and more.

Kevin had advised on many successful transitions with private companies listing on the OTC Markets and listed OTC companies transitioning to the American Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, or NYSE. Additionally, he had held *and, from time to time holds* officer and director positions with private and public companies.


Co-Head of Syndication & Investment Banking

Mr. Choi Tak Yin, Addy, who is Chartered Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant conferred by The American College, has been working in the insurance industry for almost 30 years with professional designation. Mr. Choi served as Unit Manager, Agency of CIGNA Worldwide Insurance Company from 1989-2000. After that, he served as Team Manager, Agency of Altruist Financial Group Ltd until 2014. Mr. Choi provides his services on risk management and financial planning to various clients at all levels from high net worth individuals to corporate institutes. He is experienced in sales and marketing with extensive clientele and networks. He also has a successful record in recruitment, team building as well as training and sales management. He focuses on providing one stop service, ranging from daily operations, recruitment & training, legal compliance, accounting and auditing to capital raising, shares issuing and initial public offering, mergers and acquisitions, to small and medium-sized enterprises and corporate clients.



Mr. Sze has over 20 years of experience in the investment industry responsible for formulating and implementing investment strategies of different asset classes, managing asset allocation, evaluating investment opportunities, constructing transaction structure. Mr. Sze is serving as executive director at Silverbricks Asset Management Company Limited (“SAMCL”) . Mr. Sze is also a Co-Founder of Nova Vision Acquisition Corporation (“NOVV”) and Consultant to Sponsor of HHG Capital Corporation (“HHGC”), both of them are Nasdaq listed SPAC. Mr. Sze is the director of StockViva, a leading Asia Finance Influencer (aka KOL) platform. Prior to that he was the president, chief executive officer and director of Proficient Alpha Acquisition Corp (PAAC), which was a Nasdaq listed SPAC completed its business combination with Lion Group Holding Limited (LGHL) in June 2020. Prior to that he served as an executive director at Agricultural Bank of China International, an investment banking business flagship of Agricultural Bank of China. Prior to that, he was a senior manager at China Everbright, a China based finance conglomerate with business in banking, securities, insurance, asset investment and direct management. Mr. Sze received an MBA degree from the University of South Australia and a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto. Mr. Sze is a Chartered Financial Analyst (“CFA”) Charterholder, Fellow of Institute of Public Accountants and Institute of Financial Accountants.


Partner and Director of Securities Based Financing


In addition to being a member of the Silverbear team, Vincent heads metroBanc Capital Advisors, a securities based lending advisory. Over the last several years he has expanded and enhanced his relationships within the private banking industry enabling metroBanc and Silverbear the ability to offer some of the most unique securities collateralized lending vehicles that exist today on almost every mature market. Vincent also serves as an Associate Member of Ajene Watson, LLC, a boutique Wall St. investment banking and strategic corporate guidance firm, working as a strategy and corporate communications consultant and is also a co-founder of True Lending Platforms, a financial services development company which developed the True Loan™ stock loan, the first fully SEC, IRS, UCC and FRB compliant securities collateralized loan product ever offered in the US by a private banking group.


Senior Partner

Mr. Sweet is an experienced Wall Street trader with an extraordinary background in domestic and international equities, derivatives and currencies.Worked at some of Wall Streets Top firm. Highly knowledgeable of European, Asian, Japanese, Latin American and Australian markets.Guest Lecturer at the University of Notre Dame on the value of global portfolio diversification. Mr Sweet served previously with Salomon Brothers. Morgan Stanley, Bank of America and Cantor Fitzgerald.


Senior Partner

Stephen has over 35 years Real Estate and Infrastructure Investment expertise. Specialized construct portfolio and asset Management directing corporate to develop strategy in acquisitions and raising capital. Stephen serves as a Chairman at 3TI Progetti Asia, a merger between 3TI Progetti (Italy) and Campbell Shillinglaw and Partners (HK), specialized design in Architectural and Project management consultancy, Engineering for infrastructure and construction in Hong Kong, China in the early 90’s, in 1995 has expanded to Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia and Myanmar. This will bring domestic experience in the markets of Indochina and South East Asia.


Senior Partner

Graduated from Valley Forge Military Academy and received his Master of Science from Cambridge College in Boston. Felipe started his financial career as Co-Founder of Sterling Securities Inc., a registered SEC hedge fund broker-dealer in 1997. In 1998 he moves to Madrid, Spain to apply his financial savvy and co-founds Eurolink S.A., a financial technology company specializing in institutional electronic equity order flows across international exchanges. Eurolink becomes a leader in FIX protocol and it is acquired by NYFIX Inc., in 2000. At this time, the company was routing over one billion shares to multiple destinations within the financial electronic exchange world wide. Mr. Cano now serves as an Executive Chairman of Olidata Smart Cities LLC, a market-maker platform which uses nano-grids and microgrids as the underlying strategy to deploy the Internet of Things Protocol of the future. The partnership between Silverbear Capital and Felipe Cano is based on capturing M&A opportunities and equity investment which increases value to the IoT and Smart City industries, which will reach 11 Trillion dollars within the next decade. Felipe is based in San Francisco, California and travels extensively to Europe and Asia, cross pollinizing business opportunities.


Senior Partner – Investment Banking

With over 35 years of experience of banking experience and he is one of the most preeminent traders in the world. He is sought after for commentary and advice on the Markets on nearly a daily basis.  Mr. Valdes’s Wallstreet experiences, resources and relationships formed a solid backbone to Silverbear and Silverbear’s clients for years to come.


Senior Partner – Investment Banking

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Riley is an internationally recognized Business Development Executive with an impressive track record of forging strategic partnerships, completing M&A transactions, and structuring large scale outsourcing arrangements between the Fortune 500 & service providers in India, China, South America, and Europe.   Mr. Riley’s expertise is in assisting companies to capitalize on innovating technologies by expanding globally. Mr. Riley was one the first 100 employees at Yahoo! Enterprise Solutions, which took Yahoo’s technology to Corporate America, he was also on the forefront of creating large-scale procurement & logistics portals for Commerce One. From an investment perspective, he assisted the Hong Kong government in creating an international investment platform as well as founding zero2OTC in Hong Kong to facilitate IPOs of main land China companies in the US.   Combining leading edge technology with outsourcing services has been a key to his success. He has held leadership positions with global offshore outsourcing providers such NEC, EXL, & Allsec, as well as, leadership positions with US providers such as IBM, EDS, & CSC. As a consultant, Mr. Riley has worked with most of the major providers including as CPI, TCS, and Infosys.



Mr. Huang has more than 20 years of experience in auditing, due diligence, risk management, accounting and financial advisory, and transaction advisory including merger and acquisition, servicing publicly traded and privately held clients with an emphasis on growth-type companies. He offers extensive experience and specialized expertise in real estate development, retail and consumer products, manufacturing and distribution, technology, and services industries. Prior to joining Silverbear Capital Inc., Mr. Huang served as a partner at BDO China Shu Lun Pan Certified Public Accountants and a director at BDO USA, LLP.  Mr. Huang holds a Master of Business Administration degree in Finance from Graziadio School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University.  He is also a Certified Public Accountant in the United States.



Lonnie Loyd Fairbrook as Director of Client Development provides project oversight in the registration, design, funding, operation and full service administration of a multi-jurisdiction tax compliant foreign occupational retirement plan that is government regulated, Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act registered and, Internal Revenue Service tax code, Double Tax Agreement and Tax Information Exchange Agreement recognized. The firm runs about 1,000 regulated retirement plans for many nationalities that are pension law recognized in common, civil and sharia law countries and is a member of the International Organization of Pension Supervisors. The administration group’s hallmark has been a multi-national tax deferred pension law mechanism and asset protected solution that provides superior investment choice, liquidity, and flexibility with respect to the timing of benefits. Today the group administers more than $2.5 billion of deferred and incentive compensation.  Lon is also the founding member of Fairbrook Alliance a network of lawyers, tax consultants, and other financial service professionals whose mission is to expand and promote international retirement planning as an advisory niche. Members are at the forefront regarding international tax compliance, disclosure and financial transparency for cross-border retirement planning and have achieved specialist knowledge to meet the critical retirement planning solutions needed by multinational companies to integrate mobility and talent while providing their employees a cohesive benefit plan to afford retirement.



Mr. Bhandari has established a variety of successful business operations in Australia, India, Nepal and Papua New Guinea.  Mr. Bhandari graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Information Technology from Central Queensland University in 2003. He has 20 years’ business experience and has been highly instrumental in setting up and implementing major projects associated with gold, coal-mining, dairy machinery, manufacturing units and mega Hydro projects.  Mr Bhandari is also involved in solar energy, highways tunnel projects and high-rise apartments and multiplex.  Mr Bhandari has ongoing business commitments and a proven track record of esteemed ownership and management in the private education and training sectors in Australia, India, Nepal and Papua New Guinea.   Mr. Bhandari is Honorary Consulate General of Papua New Guinea in Nepal, therefore giving Silverbear a strong coverage in this fast growing region.



Mr Cantong is experienced in Brand Management and Marketing Communications, Social Media and Web Marketing applied to mobile applications, Mr. Cantong is Bilingual and culturally diverse.  In addition, he has developed strategic alliances between potential partnerships, investments and content projects. Mr. Cantong provides marketing, public relations and business development to start-up and small cap companies, both domestically and internationally.



Mr. Myden is experienced with Small Cap companies seeking to raise capital through debt, structured funding, investment capital and mergers & acquisitions.  In addition investment banking, Mr Myden works with Major Motion Pictures companies to formulating strategic alliances, business development, product placement, public relations, and advertising in upcoming film releases.  Mr. Myden continues to seek the next upcoming blockbuster and he is known for his strong experiences in the entertainment and media industries.



J. Ferrara has an established and highly successful managerial record of accomplishment in the high technology field and business based on his ability to creatively apply cutting-edge technologies to the on-going development of both traditional and “new economy” business models. A performance driven executive, he is widely recognized for his talents as both a strategic visionary and day-to-day manager. His corporate achievements reflect an ability to successfully apply strategic planning, operations, integration and tactical execution in the areas of manufacturing, engineering, sales and marketing, distribution, finance, and mergers and acquisitions. An excellent team builder, he’s been able to attract top talent, which he attributes to the success of any business.

Sought after for his expertise and experience in the high technology areas, healthcare and infrastructure, Mr. Ferrara has played an instrumental role as a director and advisor to companies ranging from start-ups to established industry leaders. Most importantly, he is recognized as a strategic planner and tactical manager with a proven ability to promote significant and sustainable top- and bottom-line growth. Education: B.A. Economics



Mr. Abib is experienced in capital raising, business turnarounds and facilitating investor relations strategy using efficient road show techniques.   Mr Abib has raised capital, advised and managed consulting services to small cap companies as well as privately held companies in major countries such as China, U.A.E, South Korea, Holland and USA.



After service in the Royal Navy, Graham was recruited by JP Morgan, London, where he worked on a range of global projects. Initially being involved in developing the bank’s technology base and facilities, subsequently he led a number of global projects that consolidated the bank’s business services and supporting technologies. Finally he moved on to be responsible for the defining, developing, implementing, and marketing product and services for Corporate Treasurers and Fund Managers. As part of his work he transferred, via New York, to Paris.

Graham also completed the first fully part time MBA offered in England, by the City University Business School (now called CAAS), in Banking and Finance during this period.  With the take-over of JP Morgan by Chase bank in 2001, Graham left the bank and started freelance consulting and teaching finance oriented MBA courses. He served for a period as the interim COO of a high tech start up in Geneva and on returning to Paris he developed, designed, delivered and ran an Entrepreneurship based Incubator and Masters programme for the American Business School, Paris.

In parallel he developed a number of courses for visiting and exchange students explaining the functioning of the European Union, particularly its financial markets, and the cultural challenges of working within it. He also served for a period as Chairman of the Board of governors of an NGO assisting micro and mini businesses in Africa whilst he restructured the board and operations. He continues as a volunteer.


E. Yang

Ms Yang has initiated and facilitated the closing of numerous cross border transactions among ultra high net worth Chinese and U.S. counterparties in the media, technology and real estate sectors. Transactions have included joint ventures, M&A, early and late stage investments, licensing, distribution and real estate development for public, private and government related firms. In addition to working with Joysea Capital Advisors, Ms. Yang originates cross border transactions involving Chinese companies and investors for Credit Suisse Investment Banking’s Emerging Markets Group.  After receiving her Masters degrees, Ms. Yang joined Credit Suisse Investment Banking as a senior analyst. She left Credit Suisse to join UBS as an associate director, responsible for controlling market risk for the flow credit trading desk. She then joined Deutsche Bank’s Investment Banking division. Ms. Yang left Deutsche Bank when she was elected a partner of Beryl Consulting Group, a hedge fund consulting group based near New York City. Ms. Yang holds two masters degrees in engineering, one from the University of Wisconsin Madison and the other from the China Institute of Water Resources and Hydropower Research. She also holds a quantitative finance degree from the University of Wisconsin Madison.



MC has more than 20 years of experience in IT and Real Estate industry. He served in different Senior Positions in multiple MNCs and has co-listed his company that specialized in the Real Estate investment. His area of Real Estate Investment expertise covers Asia and Europe. His expertise covers the  fund management and sourcing, project management and sales distribution.


Partner-Investment Banking

Ms. Chen brings outstanding experience in Enterprise Business Development and Market Partner Alliances, with a high degree of success in driving revenue for HP and Microsoft over 13 years. She continues to build strategic business relationships with an impressive list of influential executives from prominent companies in Taiwan and the Asia market across multiple industries as a global consultant.   She specializes in identifying companies with unique technologies to access capital and create technology & marketing partnerships to achieve high growth and geographic expansion into new markets.  Current clients include a large online E commerce website, Mobile Applications Company, interactive TV Company, Media (Movie) Firm, and a Gaming company. Continuously self-learning and has earned a PHD and two Master degrees for Financial Management and Computer Sciences. She is also a Principal of a Science and Technology Association focused on the collaboration between academia and industry initiatives in China.


Partner-Investment Banking

Sherry brings 15+ year of multinational corporate experience to Silverbear Capital, Inc.  She spent the last seven years in China, building her international experience and business network.  Her area of expertise are:  Negotiation, Business Analytics & Insight, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Start-Ups.  The lineup of Fortune 500 companies that Sherry has consulted for and held leadership position in includes:  Cadbury Schweppes, PepsiCo, SABMiller, Tesco, and 4 A-Advertising/Media Conglomerates, such as WPP and Omnicom.  In 2002, Sherry was invited to serve on the Advisory Board of a Wholly Owned Foreign Subsidiary (WOFE); utilizing her rich business and management experience to help steer the company into the right direction.  Working on the Advisory Board provides Sherry with insight and knowledge on corporate financial operation.  Sherry quickly developed a deep affinity for Corporate Finance and joined Silverbear Capital, Inc. Sherry Hsu is originally from Texas.  Southern Methodist University in Dallas is her Alma Mater.   She received two business degrees and a minor:  Marketing, Organizational Behavior in Business Policy, and Economics.  She later went on to University of Dallas for an MBA in International Business.


Partner – Investment Banking

Mr Chance served with four Fortune 100 Companies over the past 30 years in management and upper management positions, which includes Johnson Controls, Siemens, Honeywell, and Fisher Controls International.  Mr Chance has extensive experience in directing corporate activities and mergers, acquisitions, leveraged buyouts and raising capital.  With this experience, he is well positioned to assist private and public companies from the ground up for financing and operational direction.


Partner – Investment Banking

Mr. Wai graduated from Macquarie University, Sydney NSW with a degree in Bachelor of Commerce.  Mr. Wai processes strategic partner relationship with China Railway Resource Group in a mining development in Kazakhstan and will continue to work closely with China Railway Resource Group with future projects.  Mr. Wai has vast experienced in EPC construction, solar and other energy projects in many territories.  Mr. Wai also holds position of directorship for Luk Fook Jewelry in China.  Luk Fook Jewelry is one of the largest jewelry retailers in both Hong Kong and China.  His expertise will bring Silverbear of great value in the coming years.


Partner – Investment Banking

Mr.  Sego  has served as Independent Director and Secretary of NAS since April 2013. Mr. Sego is co-founder and the Managing Director for Intrinsic Value Capital Management, LLC, “IVCM”, a value investment management group.  Sean held 11 years in management positions within the financial services industry including Olde Discount, HRBFA, and Ameriprise.   Sean also has 10 years of experience in safety, operations, and human relations management in the petro-chemical, construction, and manufacturing industries.  He graduated from Indiana State University with Bachelor’s degree in business management in 1993.


Partner – Investment Banking

Mr. Leventis is a finance executive with diverse hands-on financial management experience with industrial companies. He began his career with Elf Aquitaine, the world’s fourth largest oil company, as a finance executive in France and the US. In 1987 he joined Killam Associates as Vice President of Corporate Development, where he was instrumental in growing the company from $11MM to $44MM in eight years. In 1995 he joined Flexpaq Corporation, a $50MM packaging enterprise, as Vice President of Finance and Administration. There he was responsible for accounting, treasury, financial planning, and acquisitions, reporting to the President. Since 2001he has been involved in M&A activities. Mr. Leventis’ experience lies in analyzing, structuring, and providing strategic leadership in the acquisition and/or sale of middle market companies, divisions and subsidiaries. He has been involved in transactions from a wide variety of industries around the globe, including Travel & Tourism, IT, Telecommunications, Accounting, Specialty Chemicals, Merchandising, Engineering,Automation. Mr. Leventis holds an MA in Civil Engineering and an MBA from the University of Paris.


Partner – 
Investment Banking

Lyon has over 25 years of financial and Investment banking experience and has spent the last 16 years living in South East Asia. With a Background in High-Tech, Tele-communications, Entertainment, Energy, Mining, Environmental, Hospitality, Healthcare, Consumer Products, Real Estate Development, Bio-Science and Logistics/Transportation, he has successfully structured and completed numerous financial transactions for companies, both private and public. He has managed and advised on a variety of mergers and acquisitions transactions, including both seller and buyer representations. He is also Managing Director of an International corporate communications firm focused on serving client companies based in China, South East Asia, Europe and America. He serves on The Board of Directors for a ‘Non Profit’ Environmental Foundation, and also, as a Founding Director for a Non-Government Organization (NGO), focused on humanitarian activities. He has been a Delegate to the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Clean Energy Forum for 8 years.


Partner – Investment Banking [Natural Resources]

Mr. Marsden graduated from the University of Ottawa in 1993 with a degree in Economics. For 20 years Mr. Marsden has been involved in over $100 million dollars of resource flow-through financings for various mining, oil and gas companies both privately and in the capital markets.


RAY LEI (Lei Kai Zhong)
Partner – China Capital Markets

Ray has managed many companies in China across several industries, and is know for his unique management operations approach.  In recent years Ray has changed his focus towards Investment Banking, and has led and participated in a number of domestic enterprises overseas, and capital markets listing of services.  He is a valuable team member of the Silverbear team bringing his domestic enterprises experience, mergers and acquisitions, and financing expertise for China Markets companies


Partner – China Capital Markets

Tom is a practicing attorney in China and is currently a Shenzhen Branch Partner of Dacheng Law Firm, as well as a member of All China Lawyers Association.  I addition to practicing law, Tom also specializes in construction project and real estate financing as well as syndicated lending.  In recent years Tom has also begun to focus on financing and reorganization of listed companies in the public market arena.


Partner – China Equity Markets

Ms Zhang graduated with a Master Degree from the Management College of Harbin Institute of Technology in 1993.  In 1997, Ms Zhang worked with Department of Public Offering Supervision, China Securities Regulatory Commission, primarily responsible for reviewing the application documents submitted by the companies for their A shares listing in China.  During the period from 1998 to 2007, Ms Zhang was appointed as deputy general manager or general manager of investment banking department in several well-known securities companies in China such as CITIC Securities Company Limited, where she is in charge of the sponsor works for A Shares listing of Chinese Domestic Enterprises.  During 2011 to 2012, Queenie was also appointed as Vice President and Associate Director of Sun Hung Kai International Limited and Chief Representative of Beijing representative office of Sun Hung Kai Limited.  Queenie in 2012 had also acted as the CEO of a Hong Kong main board listed JF household Furnishings Limited (Ticker code:  Queenie’s significant China and Hong Kong financial experience had add great value to the Silverbear Team.


Associate Director – China Market

Andy has invested and managed many companies in Hong Kong and China across several industries.  For 14 years, Andy focused mainly on  project management and project financing , and has led many companies to success with utilizing his domestic enterprises experience, mergers and acquisitions skills, and financing expertise for China Markets.


Associate Director

Having graduated from Mannheim University, Germany in Business administration, International management, Organization and Physical Technology, Martin comes with over 20 years of international experience in start-up,  turnaround management and a specialization in custom solutions for private clients. His core sectors of expertise are estate, residency and citizenship planning and providing the advise, the tools and the solutions to protect clients interests in an effective, personal and discreet manner.


Associate Director

Edgar brings 11 years of experience in portfolio management, investment banking, and commercial real estate credit analysis.  He has made several strategic acquisitions in 2008 post financial crisis in energy, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, which catapulted his notoriety to new heights.  Some of his deals include a financing of $17 million working capital to Six Flags post BK in a syndication deal and facilitating a $80 million lease to Consol Energy for cranes, a $5 million loan extension for Martin Luther King hospital in Los Angeles, as well as a $6.5 million bridge loan to Wendy’s.  Although the success was sought in investment banking, his passion remains in trading equities and derivatives hedging. While in pursuit of a CFA, Mr. Ambartsoumian currently holds a BBA from University of Texas at San Antonio with a concentration in Finance and Accounting.


Partner – South East Asia Equity Markets

Ruzaini is a former personal banker with DBS and corporate banker with Citibank, he learn his trades in corporate finance and investment banking with Gemini Credit Capital, a boutique investment bank based in Dubai. He specializes in corporate restructuring, capital raising, IPO management and financial services for micro-cap and small-cap companies in Asia. Ruzaini graduated with BBA in Business Management from University of Newcastle, Australia.


Partner – China Business Development

Formally educated and trained as a coastal environmental scientist, Jason Wong has over eight years extensive experience of Investor relations, cooperate communications and listing consultation. Jason is strong in presentation delivery, project management and business negotiation. He has comprehensive knowledge of US, Hong Kong, and Singapore listing. He is also knowledgeable in placement, M&A and public offerings in the US capital markets.



Chris Simpson has 20 years of experience in corporate finance and business development, with a penchant for the Australian, Chinese, and Hong Kong markets.  In addition to being a member of the Silverbear team, Chris also leads Platinum Concepts Asia, a business platform to explore various business opportunities, currently engaged in a number of projects including European distressed properties, Iron Ore and Titanium mining, Solar Farm Funding and  Development Clean Energy Technologies and Micro Gas Turbine technology.  When Chris is not immersed in a business deal he enjoys rugby, and golf, and for the last five years has served as Captain of the Wednesday Afternoon Golf Society (WAGS) in Hong Kong, a 20 year old charitible golf society that has a raised a considerable amout of donations to several Hong Kong community origanizations.



Mr Fiumano specializes in selling clients performing and non-performing assets including charged-off debt in all consumer finance industries. With an extensive networks of investment firms and “Debt buyers” in the US and the UK, Streamline serves many of the largest financial institutions such as JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, GE Consumer Finance, Barclays, Nissan Motor Acceptance, Santander Consumer Finance-USA, Verizon, Verizon Wireless, Alltel, AT&T Wireless, & US Cellular.



Mr. Gullickson brings over 18 years of financial, marketing, and negotiating experience to Silverbear Capital.   Formerly a member of the United States Marine Corps, Mr. Gullickson completed his active duty and was honorably discharged, moving on to Los Angeles City College and completed his B.A. in Business at the University of Maryland. Mr. Gullickson began his financial career working for Strauch & Associates, a real estate firm specializing in the commercial real estate sector and the mortgage banking business. He has worked with both onshore and offshore financial institutions and has traveled extensively in Asia and Europe. In his career, Mr. Gullickson has closed hundreds of stock loan transactions, and has worked closely with Mr. Chun in setting up securities transactions and introducing investors to the Hong Kong financial market.



Ms Victorio holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the Ateneo de Manila University in the Philippines and a Master of Accounting Degree from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. She obtained her CPA license in 2009 immediately after graduating and practiced with KPMG in New York City as an auditor as well as a business valuation analyst, primarily focusing on private equity and real estate clients. Upon deciding to relocate to Asia in 2011, Krista co-founded The Natural Shelf, an herbal supplement company,, an online retail boutique and, a creative media company. Krista is currently involved in marketing, investment management, and business development for various clients.



Ms. Yuan holds a Master of Accounting degree from the University of Southern California and a dual bachelor’s degree in Economics and East Asian Studies from Rutgers University in the United States.  She started her career by practicing audit and advisory services with PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York.  Over the recent years, she heads a financial advisory firm that specializes in asset management, project financing, private equity and business development.  Her team successfully provided services for various corporate and individual clients, including the 60th Miss World, Sun&Sun Group, Shenzhen In-long Group and Royal Gold Group.



Graduated from University of California San Diego with Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. Previously worked in logistics at family business in US. Has maintained extensive contacts with Asia and Asian Film Industry thru his previous contacts, especially focusing on the Bollywood Film Industry in India. Has been in merchant banking for over 25 years and has helped small to medium size companies gain access to capital and helped them to list on various exchanges.. Focuses primarily on technology,infrastructure, startups and manufacturing companies in US, Asia, Middle East and Europe.


Associate Director – Business Development

George Au has extensive experience in counseling and directing corporate mergers, acquisitions, restructurings, leveraged buyouts, raising capital, and investing. He is responsible for directing projects and providing financial advisory services to the companies that make up the investment banking client base for Silvebear Group include M&A advisory, lender communications, valuation, and raising capital.  Mr. Au graduated with a MBA degree from Pace University Wall Street New York in 1996.


Partner -China Business Development

Juliana has over 20 years of financial experience, carrying the following credentials and qualifications: IFP, CPB, SRN, SCM. Her experience and qualifications are tantamount ot the level of consulting expertise offered to our personal and corporate clients in their assets management.


Associate Director

Mr. Ward has over 20 years of international business experience in Columbia, Australia, USA, Turkey, and Mainland China.  Mr Ward specializes in assisting manufacturing, retail, and O&G companies streamline their supply chain operations. For the past 8 years, Mr Ward’s main focus today is to assist USA companies entering the China market by providing on site services, manufacturing and distribution set-up, as well as, project financing. The 8 years of  China experience that Mr Ward brings to Silverbear Capital expands the firms capability of serving global markets. Mr Ward is a graduate for the University of Texas, Business Administration.


Board of Advisor

Mr. Yeung has over 25 years of investment banking experience and is well versed in IPOs, M&As (encompassing friendly, hostile and cross-border deals), bond issues (Yankee, Samurai, ECBs and Pre-IPO CBs) and financial advisory work.  Mr. Yeung has been involved in more than 60 IPOs in Hong Kong which include mostly H Shares, Red Chips, B Shares and Hong Kong companies. For example, Mr. Yeung was involved in one of the largest issues of B Shares in Shenzhen and Shanghai, as well as the first dual listing in Singapore and Hong Kong. He has vast experience in the cross broader listings in Hong Kong, New York and London (Datang International Power Generation H, N, L shares).

Mr. Yeung started his investment banking career in 1986 and has worked in the following investment banks including China Merchant Securities as Managing Director:  Samuel Montagu (wholly owned subsidiary of Midland Bank), Bankers Trust, Nomura Securities, NatWest Securities, Standard Chartered Asia, Santander Investment, JS Cresvale, and Taiwan Securities.  Mr. Yeung graduated from the University of Hong Kong and holds a bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences.


Non-Executive Advisor

Mr. Moser has extensive global asset management sales/marketing experience with Asia specialization, as well as a proven capital raiser across the alternative asset space through varied market cycles: Private Equity, Real Estate, and Hedge Funds, and FoFs strategies.  Mr. Moser had also held position in Alliance Capital Management, AIG International Asset Management, and Blackstone Group.


Partner – MENA, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE – Business Development

Andy has graduated with Bachelor degree of science in business administration from Bulacan State University and awarded Executive Diploma in Financial Planning and Registered Financial Adviser by HKMA and holds a certificate of China Certified Financial Planner by PRC. Being 30 years’ international business experiences, Andy has been working throughout ASIA, MENA, SOUTH AMERICA and EUROPE region. Last 10 years, Andy often worked with top insurance and financial instrument business, especially a remarkable in bank instruments business for international market. Constantly contributing my unique experiences for individual financial planning, valuable financial vehicle to potential clients as tailor made for all kind of projects such as commodities, infrastructure construction and mining investment management. Already making good deals of all kind mining, metallurgy, commodities, oil & gas, construction projects in country of Egypt, Qatar, Libya, South Africa, Mozambique, Zambia, Suriname, Spain and Italy. Since 2016, Andy was invited to join into Silverbear Capital Inc & SBC Financial Group (family) for strategic partner in order to carry on the best achievements in all financial market for development to advise, structure, and execute solutions that give our potential clients an edge in the market place and achieve mutual benefit for financial goal.



He has over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and investment with an extraordinary practical background built through working assenior executive in top regional and multinational firms; he built a unique experience on regional and international corporate finance, investment,restructuring, business&financial advisory, and transactions advisory including merger and acquisition. Highly knowledgeable of Gulf Region, Middle East, Levant, and African market. He has a strong relationship with government and related subsidiaries and organizations, as well as with private sector corporates across various industries.



Mr. Juan Ramada is known globally for his successful record of accomplishments in structuring and closing international deals. His extensive international experience comes from his impressive personal, academic, and professional background. After a flourishing career through government, banking, and the private sector, which included some big names like Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild, Citibank, and the Inter-American Development Bank, he decided to open his own firm back in 2011. He is Managing Partner of Pinef Consulting, an international boutique consulting firm specialized in business strategy and internationalization.

Born in Uruguay, raised in Switzerland, and educated in several countries (including USA, Germany, Spain, and Brazil), Juan has outstanding communication skills and is fluent in six languages. He studied finance in Germany, holds a Master´s Degree in Internationalization from UB, and an Executive Degree in Global Business from Harvard Business School. High-energy, hands-on professional, with a thorough knowledge of globalization, and a clear vision to structure effective business solutions, he has proven track-record of structuring international deals worth billions of dollars.

Specialties: Global Transaction Strategies, International Business Structuring, Financial Advisory, Latin America, Europe.


Associate Director

Carl has a strong background with brand management, social media, marketing and is very knowledgeable in the entertainment and movie industry,  His expertise brings the firm a very strong perspective to leverage his expertise to situations whereby communication and public relations are a crucial component to success.

Carl specializes as a marketing consultant that determines what business you’re in and the key message(s) that you want to get out to potential partners. He identifies, develops and implements a communication plan for your target audience(s) for funding within he direct database of contacts. He works with you to determine how to measure the best successful partnerships.



Enkhtaivan operate Silverbear Capital Mongolia and is also the CEO of Causal Finance (HK) Limited, Chairman of the Board of the Gobi Coal Network LLC in Mongolia, supporting and building up logistic grid system in Southern Mongolia,  raising capitals for Mongolia based agricultural, mining, infrastructure projects. He has considerable experience in the finance industry which includes several years at CF(HK) limited, raising investment for projects, where he served on a number of roles. Blockchain entrepreneur, AI and IoT enthusiast, IEO adviser and Co Founder of the OBORTECH for One Belt One Road Initiative.  Mr. ENKHTAIVAN graduated from the University of Labor, Mongolia with a bachelor degree of Economics. He also holds a Certificate of Finance from the Coventry City College, UK, and BSc, MBA of the London College of Economics.


Partner – Media and Entertainment

Dany is a well-known entrepreneur known for creating successful businesses ranging from construction renovation to Endurance Reality competitions. Dany created Wooo Productions as a platform to showcase his endurance events and his originally created TV brands.

Wooo Productions evolved into producing feature films, television series, and Wooo Comics in early 2020. Dany has developed multiple projects and has a proven track record as an Executive Producer on Hammer Down Series.

Dany is a results-driven entertainment executive and 25+ year business owner with multiple years of expertise in developing high-quality, original projects through effective management, team collaboration, and strong attention to detail. History of concurrently directing multiple projects while adhering to tight schedules and budgets. Offers an extensive background and advanced understanding of personnel acquisition, budget & finance, and multi-site management.



Adrian has more than 30 years of international working experience in Corporate Finance, Investment Advisory / Management, Corporate Strategy and Financial Management within the Real Estate, TMT, Power Generation and Investment Banking sectors. He was on the Board of Directors of more than 30 companies and advised more than 12 start-ups through their conceptualisation, start-up stages and fund raising journeys. He holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Manchester, a Fellow member of The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in the United Kingdom (“ACCA”), a Chartered Accountant with The Malaysian Institute of Accountants (“MIA”) and a member of The Institute of Corporate Directors Malaysia.


Partner – Oil & Gas, Energy & Infrastructure

Remesh, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, brings over 20 years of oil & gas asset development experience with a Fortune 500 company, Baker Hughes Inc, a GE Company. He led asset development projects in Asia, Middle East and Latin America region for major clients such as ExxonMobil, Shell, Equinor (formerly known as Statoil), Saudi Aramco, Qatar Petroleum. He currently serves as a senior management member of Empro Oils Pte Ltd, trading arm of Emperor Petroleum, a Malaysian-based downstream firm, with vested interests in fuel and lubricant trading, fuel storage terminals, power plants, pipelines and refineries. He assesses potential targets for leveraged buyouts, distressed asset acquisition and reverse takeover. He holds a BSc First Class Honours degree in Applied Geology at University Malaya (Malaysia); an MSc Petroleum Geoscience, University Brunei Darussalam (Brunei) and an MBA from University of Oxford (UK)


Partner – Venture Technology

Mr. Nichols is a seasoned executive with over 25 years of leadership experience. He has managed companies and provided innovative ideas and solutions to various industries, including, portfolio fund management, resource financing, healthcare/tele health, film/television production, blockchain/decentralized finance, and trusted computing and Internet security where he was responsible for the development of advanced security initiatives.  Mr. Nichols is an accomplished technologist and project manager with varied and extensive management and operational experience at senior executive levels. He has served as a consultant to various companies that outsource specific project undertakings.  Mr. Nichols has developed and managed industry relationships with major corporations, including HP (EDS), Lockheed Martin, Aerospace Corporation, Oracle/Sun Microsystems, Verizon, Cisco, Lucent, Dell EMC, Motorola, and many others. Over the past 20 years he has led and been a member of the board of several listed companies in the US and Australia.  Mr. Nichols is also Executive Vice President of Quantum AI Investment, an active manager of portfolios composed of growth equities with a long-term outlook.



Dr. Riegler is also a Partner at taskforce-management on demand, Sustainable Growth Associates and works for PWC Austria.

Thomas is a well-known expert for M&A transactions, DD and investment processes. He was leading many international M&A deals and Corporate Spin-offs. In addition, he is a proven specialist in crisis management and restructuring as well as strategic and sustainable company transformation.

He draws upon more than 25 years of valuable experience in leading management position in the industry as CxO with international listed enterprises as well as with mid-sized and family or PE owned companies worldwide.

All across the world, Thomas assumes executive management and directorial responsibilities (as CEO, CFO, CRO or COO) to help guide corporations and midsized companies through periods of radical change, reorientation, or even crisis; whatever the situation is, his talent for identifying and implementing suitable plans of action make him a reliable, successful and enduring leader.

He was serving as Executive Board Member at Chrysler Corporation, Daimler Group companies in Argentina, Brazil and Belgium, Centrotherm Phovoltaics AG, Lenzing AG, Kontron AG, Webasto AG and Leica Camera AG. In recent years, he accompanied successfully different DAX companies through their transformation journey.

Thomas is very well connected in the Financial Sector and with banks. Moreover, he has many contacts in the start-up and scale up ecosystem as well as Private Equity Companies and Entrepreneurs.

His industry fields of expertise include automotive, engineered products, clean-tech and Renewable energies, IT, Chemicals, Textile and Pulp and Paper.


Partner – Digital Asset

With a proven track record of spearheading strategic development of new revenue streams, devising new business models, and growing market-entry organizations for Fortune Global 50 companies, Tyrone brings over 20 years P&L management experience from the ICT, Payments, and TMT sectors for companies such as NTT, Atos, and Schlumberger.  Tyrone is a serial entrepreneur, early bitcoin adopter, and blockchain enthusiast with successful Fintech and crypto/blockchain projects, and is also a former special ops Military aviator.  Tyrone holds an MBA in international business from Thunderbird in Arizona USA.


Partner – Technology

Stanley has over 30 years of senior corporate management experience. Stanley earned his Bachelor of Applied Science from the University of Toronto. After 10 years of senior technical and management roles at IBM research lab and SUN Microsystems, Stanley co-founded TrekLogic Inc. / Brianhunter Inc. (Listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange), successfully transformed the company into one of the major IT service providers in Canadaby deploying a series of M&A and consolidation strategy. In 2007, Stanley expanded his vertical expertise into the online game arena, served as COO at G4Box Inc., a top online game publishing company, focused on global publishing operation. In the recent years, Stanley provides corporate restructure and management services to companies in North America and China.



Experienced entrepreneur with extensive knowledge in global financial and wealth management industry. Mr. Je has established the SFC licensed investment banks and international wealth management companies for global family offices, institutional investors & retail clients. He has ample knowledge on digital asset management and created the latest FinTech and unique financial portfolio with high investment yield. Mr. Je is also an advocate to the blockchain industry and cryptocurrencies.

Mr. Je is also the Director General of Hong Kong Node of World Blockchain Organisation and Co-Chairman of Hong Kong Blockchain Association. The effort has been highly placed in digital transformation in Hong Kong and Asia and the Pacific. With Mr. Je and the team, HKIBFA was nominated as the first organization with honor of Corporate Partner by The International Institute of Management, IIM, in the blockchain industry, which serves the highest recognition to the professionalism in the market and community.

With over 25 years in global financial management, Mr. Je also served as Managing Director of Infinity Special Situations Fund, and multiple Fortune 500 global corporates as senior executives such as E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Huntsman Corp and Hyosung Corp.. Mr. Je has also been experienced in merging and acquisitions with professional teams of 300 associates, across the industries including industrial chemicals, functional fibers, plastics, automobiles, aviation, textiles and garments.


Associate Director

Mr. Ma has obtained his Bachelor degree from the University of Strathclyde in United Kingdom. He has been working as corporate management in various fields for over 10 years. He has expertise in managing international trading, manufacturing and hospitality corporations. Mr. Ma specializing in M&A and restructuring work, as well as decentralized finance projects.



Mr. Au has over ten years of experience in the financial service industry. He is currently the independent non-executive director of IAG Holdings Limited. Mr. Au started his career at White Pacific Securities, Inc. as a stock broker from April 2008 to May 2009 and as a registered investment adviser at Mandarin Pacific Asset Management, LLC from May 2008 to May 2009. He then worked at Wells Fargo Investments, LLC as a broker and investment adviser from February 2010 to January 2011. From January 2011 to June 2013, Mr. Au was a broker and investment adviser at Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC. From December 2015 to March 2016, Mr. Au worked at Tyee Capital Group as an associate. Mr. Au then worked at Mergermarket Group as an analyst from July 2016 to October 2016. From May 2017 to June 2017, Mr. Au was a representative at Platinum Broking Company Limited. From September 2018 to April 2019, Mr. Au worked at Apex Property Consultant Limited as a business development consultant. From April 2019 to January 2021, Mr. Au worked at Honour Wisdom International Holdings Limited as a general manager and Evershine Group Holdings Limited from January 2021 to June 2021 as an executive director. Mr. Au is currently the partner of Silver Bear Capital.

Mr. Au obtained a degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Arizona in the United States in August 2007 and a degree of Master of Business Administration from Kelley School of Business, Indiana University in the United States in May 2015.



Mr. Yip has more than 40 years experience in financial business operation, and mainly responsible for consulting, investment and financial market strategy planning. He was previously worked as treasurer and manager in various banks and investment firms. Mr. Yip is expertise at foreign exchange and gold trading, stock and bond trading, private banking and fund management, project and corporate financing, etc. From 1992 to 1994, he was a columnist at the financial section of the Overseas Chinese Daily Hong Kong, and was frequently interviewed by TV stations, Reuters and Asian Wall Street. Since 1994, he has been engaged in various project financing and investing works. Mr. Yip is also the founding president of The Macau Financial Market Association (The Macau Financial Market Association), and has served as a director of the Hong Kong Financial Market Association for many years. In 1998, he was invited to become a member (Listed as Member of International Who’s & Who of Professional) by the American Association of International Professional Celebrities.



Ken has an extensive international network which includes institutional, strategic and private UHNW investors, with many of those relationships having supported the successes achieved throughout his career. Ken started working in financial services as a research assistant at the stockbroking firm of Jarden Morgan in Hong Kong in 1988, analysing Hong Kong consumer electronics companies. He has worked at leading international Chartered Accounting firms including Deloitte, Coopers & Lybrand, and Ferrier Hodgson in the areas of insolvency, business recovery and corporate advisory. With these firms he gained substantial experience of both publicly listed and privately held companies in a wide range of industries. Ken has worked in venture capital on a consultancy and corporate advisory basis, supporting management buyouts of private companies and assisting with the management of their growth, as well as mid-market private M&A. Ken has held C-level positions as CFO and CEO, as well as executive and non-executive directorships of private and public companies. During that time he was involved in capital raisings in excess of USD 4 billion for international businesses. Ken has co-founded and built businesses in the online, international trading and aviation space. Ken has regularly assisted other entrepreneurs and experienced businessmen in building their businesses, while managing his own portfolio of personal real property assets. He is also a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Practicing Accountants Restructuring and Insolvency Faculty.


Partner – Investment Banking

David Wu is a seasoned investment banker with around 25 years of professional experience in dealing with cross-border M&A transactions in global energy, finance, real estate, and lifestyle sectors.

His financial career began in the mid-1990s with Citicorp (Citigroup) where he worked as Vice President of Corporate Finance & Investment Banking Group for over eight years. In 2004, he joined Marco Polo Partners as the Principal, a New York-based boutique investment firm. After a briefing venturing of renewable energy investment project in China, he returned to NY and worked as a Managing Director at Herakles Capital. In mid of 2015, he relocated back to Hong Kong and took on the role as President of Zhonghong International, where he directed its principal shareholders’ multi-billion dollars overseas capital investment and M&A activities.

Mr. Wu has earned his MBA degree in the University of District Columbia and a BS degree in Electronics Science & Technology University of China.



David Tsui is a Chartered Accountant from Australia and graduated from Macquarie University in 1988 and qualified as Chartered accountant in 1989. Gaining his professional experiences in Sydney, David returned to Hong Kong in 1992 and joined the FMCG operations of Inchcape Plc in particular handling the finance function of the Timberland and K Swiss brands. In 1995, David was assigned by Inchcape to establish the finance function for FMCG operation in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos and was then promoted to the Asia Pacific regional role team to oversee all FMCG units in the SE Asia region. David went on to hold a number of key executive posts for Inchcape subsidiaries in Hong Kong, including executive directorship at Inchcape Motors Ltd, Branded Lifestyle Ltd, Inchroy Finance Ltd and the joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors.

From 2006-2014, David then lead a few companies as CFO and listed the companies at London Stock Exchange and Frankfurt exchange. In 2017, David moved to capital market environment and joined Bluemount Capital Sydney handle IPO process advisory for ASX listings for Chinese companies. In 2019, David continued the journey to provide advisory function to a Chinese Company preparing USA and SPAC listings.

David as a SBC Partner focuses on handling capital market activities with SPAC and M&A activities.


Partner – Sports Investment Banking 

Mr. Wiesenthal is a US trained attorney (J.D. Emory Law School 1980) with an MBA from the IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain (1988). He has been working in professional sports in Spain since 1988.

A serial entrepreneur, he has successfully started three sports businesses, representing professional golfers, professional handball players and professional football players.

Prior to the FIFA ban in 2015, Mr. Wiesenthal was also active in third party player investment, working with football players and clubs both in Europe and in South America.

Starting with an initial investment of $500,000 in 2006, by 2012, he and his partner, Alberto Argibay, generated more than $14,000,000 in revenue from player sales.


Partner – Sports Investment Banking 

Mr. Gieling, 52 years old and living in Holland and Spain, is an ex football player of Ajax Amsterdam. He was playing there for seven years and was considered to be one of the biggest talents of Holland that time.

After six knee-operations (five at only one knee), his agent (the famous Cor Coster, father in law of superstar Johan Cruijff) became his companion.

The old Coster and Gieling have worked for 15 years together in the world of football transfers. Gieling is now 32 years in this business, made more than 200 deals and transferred some of the biggest names.

In all the years Gieling (and his worldwide network) have made some clubs very rich. Many times they brought very cheap or free players to clubs in Europe. Later the players were sold for huge amounts of money.

Gieling thinks and knows that it’s very lucrative to be the owner of one or more club(s). The relatively cheap players will be scouted by the network, be trained and managed through the best specialists he knows and transferred through the same network of (old) players and coaches.



Mr Li is a Chartered accountant and has more than 25 years of practical work experience in accounting, auditing, factories, business and other industries. He is familiar with ISO, Hong Kong taxation and Hong Kong company law. He has a good understanding and working experience in public listed companies. In the past, Mr Li involved in serving public companies which included: Perfect Group (3326 HK), Glory Flame (8059 HK), Suncity Group (1383 HK), Oriental Press (18 HK), Matrix (1005 HK), China Financial Leasing (Hong Kong Main Board Delisted HK), Shenzhen Chuangxiang Times Investment Co., Ltd. 665347 (Shenzhen 4 Board), Lawman (NASDAQ in process ).



Sebastian Cubas is an Industrial Engineer and MBA from Columbia Business School (NY). He is a senior executive with vast experience in different areas of businesses such as management consulting, industrial companies and banking. During his early years he played several executive roles leading companies to exponential growth through aggressive M&A deals followed by hands-on turnaround situations. While at Citibank he structured and financed transactions in the energy and infrastructure sectors worth over 5bn USD. As a Partner and Managing Director at Grupo Decosur, Sebastian closed deals worth +2bn USD from well known multinational players like Telecom, Huawei, Bombardier, Northern Telecom, Petrobras among many others, participating directly in the negotiation with public and private parties, the development, financing and implementation of projects in different areas such as: Energy, Mining, Industrial Companies, Infrastructure, Real Estate and Service Companies. Savvy executive in the Oil & Gas Industry, he has structured a wide variety of deals, both downstream and upstream in US and Latam. Experienced asset developer with strong focus on turnaround of distress conventional assets. From negotiating and acquiring diverse assets (mineral rights, large conventional plays, distress assets, service companies), to implementing the financing needed through special private and public purpose vehicles, he has accomplished the closing of successful deals totalizing +40.000 BOED production. As a successful professional with +20 years of exposure to top tier companies across industries and geographies, he participates actively as Founder, Co-Founder, serving as Managing Partner and Director in different companies, taking an active role at the initial phase, structuring the capital requirements needed, from seed capital, venture capital and private equity type of transactions, followed by the implementation of strategic plans.


Senior Marketing Officer 

Samuel specialized photography in both studio and on location 20 years experience. Client management for instance ROF Media and Hip Hing Construction Company, Icon hotel, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Ferror Rocher, Ralph Lauren, Chow Tai Fook Jewelry etc. He Liaised with art director and stylist and provide professional advice on art directionand theme of images. Also he managed a crew of photographer and video cameraman. Amd Pre-production management includes model casting, research for lighting and photo reference, make-up and styling and transportation arrangement.


Marketing Manager 

Jayden has 15 years of advertising experience. In 2005, the half-reading form began to enter the advertising industry and has been exposed to government advertising. After graduation, she has worked as a planner and producer of electronic product platforms and medical platform channels. Afterwards, she mainly produced many government advertisements, and later entered Ogilvy (Hong Kong) as a producer. In recent years, she founded an advertising company and participated in expanding the network of different chambers of commerce. Over the years, she has held different positions in production and contacted different customers.


Associate Partnerships Director – Marketing

Carley specializes in business development and brand strategy. She has over five years experience in the fashion, marketing, and social media industries. Carley got her start in partnerships curating and overseeing creative brand sponsorships at nationwide event series Style Fashion Week (New York, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Art Basel, Coachella.) She worked with partners including Notorious Pink Rosè, WeWork, davines, KIND Snacks, and Absolut. Carley moved to retail marketing strategy for Cynthia Rowley and worked with brand partners including Benefit Cosmetics, Stila, LUMAS Gallery, by CHLOE, Dirty Lemon and others.

Lately, Carley led Business Development for the Shorty Awards. She has built relationships with Facebook, Facebook Creative X, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, OMD, Ayzenberg, Havas San Francisco and many others. Carley Schumann is an expert in brand partnerships, sales, digital & live activations and influencer marketing.



Michael Goy specializes in compliance, internal audit, IPO and FinTech business. He has over 8 years experience in compliance, 13 years in AML, and 15 years in internal auditing. Michael got his start in Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi and progressed towards various fields, including credit, international business, foreign banking business, operations and e-banking. He became a financial controller at the American Embassy in Tokyo afterwards. In 2010, he decided to be the business partner of Sky’s a limit system and responsible for market research, business project supporting and operations.

Lately, Michael led BM intelligence and Lion Consulting in the pre-IPO and IPO consultancy. He has built a strong foundation and network. Michael has a deep knowledge in cross-border M&A strategy, pre-IPO restructuring & consulting, private equity reformation, asset management, private banks and investment banks background.


Associate Creative Director

Eva Guggenberger specializes in professional photography and fashion business. She has over ten years experience in photography and exhibitions. Eva got her start in fashion photography and was exposed in various fashion weeks in London, Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin, and Style Fashion Week. She had been invited and selected for the world class events including EXPRESSIONS in Germany, Kevin Murphy Hair Academy in Vienna, Austrian travel exhibition Menschenbilder, Austrian Exhibition FOMO, and EPIC WOMEN exhibition in Austria.

Lately, Eva has devoted her effort in the creative industry. She is the Chief Creative Officer for Style X and has been the Chief Creative Officer for Virus Designer Masks.



Ronald specializes in accounting, audit, and finance business. He has over 25 years experience in accounting. Ronald got his start in Samuel C. S. Lee & Co. and progressed towards his certified public accountant credential in 2017. He had worked with GreenPro Capital Inc. for 4 years since 2015. In 2019, he became the Chief associate partner of CWK CPA Ltd.

Ronald has built a strong foundation in accounting and has deep knowledge in cross-border M&A strategy, pre-IPO consulting, and asset management background.



Polly Siu is a strategic and result-driven top performer, with extensive industry knowledge and experiences in financial services, commercial card and corporate payment industry. Key areas of expertise in business development, strategy development and strategic partnership with global clients in Asia Pacific region.

She received numerous awards for leadership and business result including “President Club Award” (top 2% performer globally), “Annual Reginald Award” and other regional and local awards. She led Hong Kong team to achieve the highest growth in customer satisfaction in Asia Pacific on “Net Promotor Score” and organize a Digital Round Table Event for corporate clients.

Polly earned her Economic degree from the University of British Columbia in Canada and completed an advanced certificate in FinTech for the innovation and transformation of financial industry. She is active in various business associations and serve as leadership team in her chapter in Business Network International (BNI).


Partner – Sports Investment Banking

Ian specializes in international and sports investment business. He has over twenty years experience in the “Sports, Leisure, and Tourism Sector”. Ian got his start in senior management and marketing roles following his graduation from university. He had demonstrated his strong business sense at Twin Towers Trading Limited as a managing director and achieved over £6 million turnover in three years. In 2012, Ian created his internationally-renowned ‘Strategic Commercial Introduction Service’, which continues to be applied across his entire portfolio of ‘Commercial Interests’.

Throughout the years, Ian has devoted her effort in the sports and commercial investment industry. In 2020, he launched ‘The Silver Sales Bullet’ – A ‘C.P.D. Certified Essential Online Business Training Programme’, that teaches Professional Executives and Students. Ian currently is the founder and managing director of George Wicks Limited, The Effective Communication Group and The Silver Sales Bullet.



International Specialist in complex Institutional asset transactions. Conducted approx. $6.4 Billion dollars worth of transactional consulting advisory and financial projects. Access to unique Private Off Market opportunities relationships with hundreds of Sovereign Funds, Venture Capital Private Equity Investment Trusts, Hedge Funds and Family Offices. Doug has deep experience across the deal continuum (pre-deal, deal execution, post-deal) working for large multinational clients and private equity firms.

20+ year veteran Executive very familiar with blockchain technology with real life applications and almost all things crypto Obtained extensive crypto experience since 2012. Raised Venture Capital and served on the Board of Silicon Valley Start-up’s.

As Blockchain technology is developing rapidly and institutional investors are increasingly considering investing in entities developing blockchain solutions Doug has formed over a 10 year period a global network of key C-suite executives in the most prominent and dynamic companies of the Blockchain ecosystem assisting and facilitating with M&A and Capital raise, while advising on the best opportunities to create value and grow their businesses.



Brad Paul Pamnani is an experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the investment management industry.

He currently serves as a managing partner across 3 different funds managing over $3.7B portfolio covering real estate, technology, fashion and blockchain sectors.

Skilled in Debt Restructuring, Debt & Equity Financing, Letters of Credit, Venture Debt, and very strong Strategic Partnerships, he brings a uniquely multi-faceted approach across multiple industries.

Strong business development & portfolio management skills for his previous employers and then for his own startups provide him valuable interpersonal skills and partnerships that he brings home at Silverbear by deeply understanding the needs for both our investors, investments and most importantly for the human capital management & aligned growth.

He is always looking forward to meeting companies & individuals for mutually synergistic projects and/or partnerships.

Brad also holds professional degree with a Master’s degree focused in Biotechnology from Columbia University in the City of New York and various financial management licenses and certifications.



Veronica Raquel Welch is a visionary, leader and advisor who has been instrumental in aiding in business development, marketing and strategy across the Silverbear Capital portfolio. She currently sits as the founder and CEO of Style X, a media, tech and entertainment conglomerate, well-known for its international series, Style Fashion Week, which boasted a series of globally recognized events in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Palm Springs, Mexico, and Dubai. Style X specializes in both B2C and B2B brand development and experience and is an industry leader in successfully merging blockchain technology with live experiences in order to create viral brand marketing initiatives.  Veronica’s partnership focused method builds communities and support for brands from all angles while creating a positive impact on society.



Mike Suzuki, Graduated BS Computer Science and Certified Internal/External Auditor for ISO9001/QS9000 International Standards. Also Certified US Government Accountant (AGA) and Graduated Global Finance Service, Financial Management Certifying Officer of the US Department of State, Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Arlington, VA, USA.

He worked for the US Government for more than 22 years with the US Embassy Tokyo, US Department of State (DOS) as the Financial Management Certifying Officer. He is diversified in various field of expertise from Auditing for Total Quality Management System specializing in Management, Administration, Human Resource, Operations, Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Payroll, Vouchering, Procurement, Logistics, Design in Multi-Media and IT Specialist for Computers and Software Networks.



Benson Chang is the Founder, Group Managing Director, Principal Consultant and Managing Partner of Lion Group (Hong Kong, China, Singapore and United Kingdom), Lion CPA and Lion Golden Certified Tax Agents, he is also the Visiting Professor of Yuanpei Business School, Peking University and an INED of a listed issuer with HKEx.

He is an experienced Public Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser with over 30 years’ experience in accounting, tax, auditing, corporate advisory and US OTC listing. Previously, he was a Financial Controller of a private equity firm managing HK$4B in property investment projects in Macau.


Associate Director

Andrew has more than two decades in the international hospitality industry with a strong sense of hotel service and rich experience in practical management. including 15 years in hotel senior management with Marriott International.
Fully grasp the hotel opening preparation, marketing and promotion, familiar with the work procedures, job responsibilities and service standards of various departments, familiar with the financial accounting of the hotel, can effectively control costs and expenses, with a strong ability to organize and coordinate and excellent sense of teamwork whom the character is very good a role model to staff working under his leadership. Pre-opening GM for two different branded hotels in the new Shanghai International Tourism Resorts Zone. Both properties are positioned to cater to the Disneyland guests with a combined room count of 678 rooms plus a 5 stories staff dormitory.

He earned an MBA degree from Glion Institute of Hospitality and was immediately available for assignments in managing executive apartments for a major Beijing real estate investor and has gained an award-winning expertise in planning and commencing commercial real estate developments in Beijing, China’s capital. There’s no language bureau for him to apply his Mandarin, Cantonese and of course English on his business strategies within schedule.
Meanwhile, Andrew is the co-founder, Management Executive of AC2F S Corp which has successfully closed deals in restaurant services and guided the business through the pandemic and keeping profitable.



Tim has been working in the financial industry for over 10 years, he has a good understanding in the Hong Kong financial market and regulations. Gaining experience in Asset Management, Securities and Banking. He has responded to dealing with local and foreign securities, implementing an investment strategy, portfolio construction and using various investment tools to achieve a positive return.
He has good knowledge in Securities, Cash flow management and Asset management.



Paul Hembery is a visionary automotive business leader with more than 25 years’ experience and outstanding record, delivering global commercial growth and brand transformation.

Paul propels automotive brands to market leaders; pioneers’ powerful commercial strategies that drive industry dominance and top of mind awareness in key markets. Highly skilled ‘face’ of global automotive brands, with significant media and PR experience. He grows profitability and performance; optimises commercial structures, systems, and processes from factory to shelf, drawing on background in engineering and product development, and a wealth of expertise in sales, marketing and distribution. Leads high-profile business change, with focus on digital transformation, automation, and client centricity.
Paul engages key stakeholders in business vision and strategy; astute and influential Board-level negotiator with significant gravitas and regard in the automotive industry. Talented leader, who drives excellence from large, culturally diverse groups of up to 6,000, and recruits and develops future business leaders.



Mr. Chan has experience in the SPAC operation as Independent Non-executive Director and Audit Committee Chairman of Orisun Acquisition Corp in year of 2020.

As a long-time finance veteran for more than 20 years, Mr. Chan involved in financial management role and had experiences of big 4 CPA firms experiences in acquisition deals ranging from US$100 million to US$1 billion in size. Latest completed acquisition included business combination of Ucommune Group Holdings Limited into Orisun Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ:ORSNU), the acquisition of one of the largest agile office space manager and Co-working community operator in China, the combined company have a pro forma firm value of approximately US$769 million at closing.

Mr. Chan’s exposure in the financial management industry, and his experiences in supervision of financial operation of SPAC before, can add value to the SPAC workflow and financial expertise.

Mr. Chan graduated from Australian National University with Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and followed on studied at University of New South Wales with Master Degree in Finance. He was admitted as Certified Practising Accountant of CPA Australia in 1993 and was admitted as Certified Public Accountant of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants in 2012.



Harrison Choi is a Managing Partner of SilverBear with a special focus in South Korea and Japan. Mr. Choi has broad senior management experience over two decades as a global business strategist. Focused on Advanced Materials, Energy, infrastructure, and Electronics with various Multi-National Companies. Mr. Choi holds a BBA in Economics and MBA from University of St. Thomas. Since 2008, Harrison Choi deployed six different advanced manufactories and a dozen mega power projects. Over a decade of work with a group of companies he co-founded generated asset value exceeding $100M and developed over 500MW of renewable power. Currently Mr. Choi sits on the board as a Managing Partner or a Senior Advisor in Korea: Dong Yang Machinery, Leading Aero, Glamm, CyWorld Z, DoubleMe, Hong Kong: HKBA, Taiwan: Enerage, Japan: Smart Solar, USA:Thynk Capital, CPU, CChange Group.


Senior Partner

Hauke has over 25 years of experience in project finance. In an executive position he has financed over USD 2.5 billion for the expansion of the merchant fleet of a German shipping company. He gained special knowledge especially in the field of raising equity for such and other projects. Through equity funds, he negotiated, structured and financed commercial real estate in the US. He established a successful joint venture with US REIT. Through closed-end fund structures, he also raised more than EUR 250 million in equity through his firm for the production of hotel developments, residential real estate projects and video computer games. Since 2016, he has been primarily involved in financing infrastructure projects in the USA, Southeast Asia, Europe and Africa.

Hauke also holds BA from International Business School and MBA from UNC Chapel Hill.


Senior Partner

Michele has a strong background in special purpose funding with strong focus on German speaking areas, eastern Europe and ASIA. He had raised several SPV funds with a 3 digit million US dollar volume in the sector of Video Gaming, Media Content and rolled out an IPO on the german stock exchange. As COO of Slightly Mad Studios, he funded and was responsible for legendary titles, such as Project CARS, GTRI & II, Fast & Furios and Need for Speed Shift.

In 2009, he moved for 5 years to live in Singapore and became the personal advisor to the founder of the LIM Shrimp Organisation, one of the largest shrimp producer worldwide, which did a multibillion dollar fund with the World Bank and created over 300.000 livelyhood jobs, and became first in sustainable aquaculture and fair trade. Michele brings along a deep knowledge of combining Asian style scalability of projects and identify high tech companies specially from German areas and Europe, and create synergies by combining and funding special projects.



For 20 years, Mr. Shiraishi has been involved in creative and marketing management at global advertising agencies, contributing to the advertising industry. After working as a creative head at NBC Universal Japan, he was a manager at a major advertising agency where he led many global projects. With the skills gained from these experiences, he is now responsible for overall service and project management, including global operation of various international marketing enterprises.



Mr. Kwan has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry, 11 of which from 1989 to 2000 with HSBC, a top-tier global financial institution. Whilst with HSBC, Mr. Kwan held a number of senior positions and headed a diverse range of projects in private equity management, corporate banking and investment banking across a mixture of industries involving companies in the Greater China Region, Southeast Asia, the United States and Canada. Mr. Kwan completed deals totalling over USD2 billion transaction value.

At the time with HSBC, Mr. Kwan was a senior account manager, corporate banking in Canada. In 1994, Mr. Kwan was transferred to Hong Kong and served as Investment Manager at HSBC Private Equity Management in Hong Kong, which was managing one of the largest private equity funds in Asia (ex-Japan) at that time. As part of the China Team, he also managed the Torch Fund, a USD250 million specialized fund funded by the HSBC Group for direct investments in hi-tech projects introduced by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology. Mr. Kwan also held the position of Head of North America Corporate Finance with the Group’s HSBC Investment Bank in Hong Kong, responsible primarily for HSBC’s cross-border mergers and acquisitions, international tranches of global offerings and other investment banking activities between North America and Asia.

After leaving HSBC, Mr. Kwan founded Pinnacle Capital Limited in 2001, a company engaged in merchant banking and financial consultancy focusing on medium-size companies. Pinnacle assists companies on transactions, from preparation for listings primarily on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, fund raising, takeovers of publicly listed companies and mergers and acquisitions transactions. The Company completed 20 public listings and mergers and acquisitions to-date. Pinnacle also provides advisory and consultancy services to real estate investors and invested over USD20 million of its own capital on selected real estate transactions focusing mainly on North America and Europe. Mr. Kwan is the Managing Director of Pinnacle and he has held this position for over 20 years since the inception of the company to the current date.

Mr. Kwan is a Partner of Sinowealth Asset Management Limited, a Hong Kong SFC regulated fund manager and advisor. The Company manages its own Funds as well as discretionary accounts for high net worth clients in Hong Kong. Currently, the company actively manages 2 Private Equity Funds, a USD30 million Fund investing in listed and unlisted companies in Hong Kong and a USD50 million Real Estate Fund mainly focusing on investing in listed properties companies as well as private projects in Greater China, Europe and Canada.

Mr. Kwan has an MBA from the University of Toronto and a B.Sc. in Biochemistry from the University of Calgary.



Mr. Arenal brings nearly 22 years of International finance expertise to Hutton Private Finance where he has worked since 2006 (to present). After starting his career in commercial finance with Fuji Bank, Steve worked at Mellon Financial, and Lockheed. Steve has initiated strategic acquisitions for European, Japanese and American companies as they expanded into new markets. Specializing in corporate brokering, corporate finance, and M&A, Steve has worked with and represented companies mostly in the middle market, and has been involved in deals with the largest private equity funds. Steve helped start an industrial bank. He has spent 15 years placing equity into deals from a family officemaking him well qualified to find an acquisition candidate as the sole member of the Board of Directors. He has an MBA along with other graduate certificates in business and economics.



Eros is a very well experienced senior banker who holds various key management positions in world’s leading banks inclusive Citigroup, Bank of America, Salomon Smith Barney, JP Morgan Chase and ICBC (Asia) since mid of 80’s and until now for over 35 years.

Eros decided to early retire from his Senior Vice President position of Citigroup in mid 2015 who was heads for Credit Risk Management Services and also for Agency & Trust Transaction Services but was being invited, a few months after his early retirement from Citigroup, by ICBC to establish for its subsidiary, ICBC (Asia) a new product and business line for ICBC (Asia) who had taken up the challenge as the head of Agency & Trust Services for syndication loans and bonds issuance from ground zero and was appointed as Managing Director for this new product and business section until mid of 2022 to formally got retired from banking.

During his exciting banking career, he has been engaging in various banking groups including corporate & institutional banking, commercial banking and investment banking resulting him with fruitful experiences and engagements for capital markets infrastructure and operations, syndication restructuring (including sovereign debts restructuring), One Belt One Road project financing and also, as a professional Trustee.

Eros, as a market key leading player under the above scopes, he has been actively involved in market forums who also acted as a regular committee member for the APLMA Agency Committee for the pass years assisting and sharing his experiences to develop the APLMA standard market practices and legal documentation for syndication which has been widely adopted by the Asia Pacific loans syndication players.



Mr. Young LEI graduated from the University of New South Wales in Australia with a double Master’s degree. Joined AECOM Beijing Company in 2006. In 2010, he joined Australia YNA Holdings Limited as a director and chief executive officer of Beijing Company. Joined Silverbear Capital in 2018 and later served as Managing partner and established Silverbear Capital Beijing Representative Office, which is responsible for the connection and project cooperation between China’s central enterprises and state-owned capital companies.

In 2020, he participated in Sinocity Enterprise Management Co., Ltd. as the founding partner. In 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic was relatively serious in Beijing, three residential developments were successfully developed in Lhasa, Tibet. Due to accurate positioning, excellent quality and the sincere cooperation of team members, it once achieved the highest average price in Lhasa.

Mr. Young LEI has been engaged in the design and real estate industry for more than ten years. Through the best investment direction, development orientation and planning plan, Mr. Young LEI has completed the investment, development and agent construction of projects covering housing, commerce, cultural and industrial parks and other projects. and achieve the stable development of investment projects and maximize investment benefits.



Dr. Tony Cheng was formally trained in Jardine Group and First Pacific Group for 9 years. He then founded BMI Group since 2000 and Chairman of BMI Appraisals and BMI Technical Consultancy. He has been deeply involved in over 100 IPOs and over 250 M&A cases over the last 30 years. He also has extensive experience in turning research projects into actual business projects through commercialization or IPOs.

Dr. Cheng has been acting as an expert witness and as forensic accountant in numerous legal cases. He is also the CEO of Construction and Engineering of Zhong Ao Home Group Limited (HK listed no. 1538).

Dr. Cheng was awarded the Datoship from current Royal King of Malaysia in 2017 and Sir, Knight of Saint John (OStJ) from UK. He is currently a CPPCC of Huizhou City, People’s Republic of China.

Among others, Dr. Cheng is a chartered accountant, a chartered engineer and a qualified surveyor. Dr. Cheng is a Fellow of: Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Certified Management Accountants Australia, Association of International Accountants, Institute of Public Accountants, Institute of Financial Accountants, The Association of Hong Kong Accountants, The Royal Society of Medicine, The Royal Statistical Society, Federation of Hong Kong Industries, The Hong Kong Institute of Directors, The Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalists, The Society of Operations Engineers, and Institution of Plant Engineers.

Dr. Cheng is also Member of: The Hong Kong Institution of Surveyors, The Certified Public
Accountants Association, The Society of Chartered Environmentalists, Hong Kong Institute of Engineers, the China Real Estate Appraisers and Agents, American Society of Civil Engineers, The Institute of Engineering and Technology, The American Society For Microbiology, The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Institute of Industrial & Systems Engineers, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators and the Society of Petroleum Engineers.



Dr. Stella Okene is a Petroleum Engineer, the indefatigable and savvy founder and Group chief executive officer (GCEO) of Stelog Energy group. Stelog Energy group is an innovative energy solution company; Exploration and production, Upstream Services, Gas Processing and Commercialization, Waste Management.

As a Real Estate Investor, she steers the development and execution of the company’s short and long-term strategies. As a Petroleum Engineer, she has over a decade of extensive experience in the energy industry.

Her career has been on an upward trajectory because of her quest for knowledge and self-development which have earned her several awards and recognitions and certifications both locally and internationally.

Awards: Great African Merit award, African Women National builders Award, African Leader Par Excellence Award 2009, Ghana Outstanding 2008 Great African Patriotic Gold Merit Award.

Professional Membership: Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), WIMBIZ, women in Energy Network (WIEN), WeConnect International, Fellow of WIMBOARD.

Holds an honorary Doctorate degree in Business Administration Commonwealth University of Belize.



Simmonds has over 20 years of working experiences in the private wealth management and family office industry responsible for formulating and implementing financial strategies of different asset classes, managing private wealth allocation or family asset protection, evaluating investment opportunities, constructing transaction structure and providing banking or finance solutions. Since 2021, Simmonds is the founder of Asia Family Offices Club (“AFOC”) for building a family offices social network in HK & Asia. Prior to this, Simmonds is also a General Manager of HWL International Holdings Ltd (“HWL”) responsible for private financial planning and corporate family office services in Hong Kong for 15 years. From year 2022, he is a Head of Partnership (Hong Kong) of Broad Street Inc. (“BSG”) in United States responsible for infrastructure investment, land banking, home building, and Marriot hotel & lodging & Merchant Cash Advance alternative investment, Pre-IPO private equities investment in US.

Simmonds received a bachelor degree from the University of Newport (California) in Business Administration & Accounting Management. Simmonds is also a Certificate holder of Financial Consultant in United Kingdom and a member of Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association from 2021.



Donna Smith began her career as Production Coordinator on RAGING BULL and quickly rose through the ranks, serving as Production Manager, Line Producer and Producer on notable projects that included THE TERMINATOR.

Smith was tapped by Universal Pictures to serve as President of Physical Production and Post Production; becoming the first woman to serve in that role for a major Hollywood studio.

During Smith’s seven-year tenure at Universal, more than 120 titles were released under her leadership including; Academy Award winner SCHINDLER’S LIST, JURASSIC PARK, BABE, SCENT OF A WOMAN, CASINO, BACKDRAFT, BACK TO THE FUTURE, APOLLO 13 and WATERWORLD.

Following her executive role at Universal, Donna entered the world of full service motion picture completion bonds, having established a sterling reputation as a “highly bondable” producer. Donna served as CEO/President for the Entertainment Coalition, a management entity formed to coordinate full-service completion bond and insurance services for the entertainment industry worldwide.

Under Donna’s leadership, the company handled such titles as STAR WARS: THE PHANTOM MENACE, THE NUTTY PROFESSOR, BATMAN & ROBIN, LA CONFIDENTIAL, ARMAGEDDON, LETHAL WEAPON and THE MATRIX. Donna Smith more served as Chief Executive Officer and President of Cinema Completions International before she co-found 2W Network. Based in Los Angeles with offices in London and Sydney, CCI underwrote completion bonds for movies. Smith green-lit new business and spearheaded strategic planning, managerial insight; guided by an extensive network of relationships with Hollywood studio executives, the producers, filmmakers and creative talent.

Donna has the honor of being appointed a United States Film Ambassador to China and serves as a Women In Film trustee. She has passion to support filmmakers to make independent films.



Sarah Xu is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, business developer, film producer, investor and leader with diverse corporate experience covering multiple business sectors in the U.S. and China. She has more than 20 years combined experiences of Entertainment technology development and application, VR and interactive contents producing, independent films producing, acquisition, license and distribution, crypto mining, mergers and acquisitions, government, and major international organization relationships management. Recently Sarah led, negotiated, and closed a $100 million dollars investment from a publicly traded crypto exchange platform to build a crypto mining company in Kentucky, USA. Some of the clients and business relationships Sarah has worked and partnered with are “Amazon, Disney, Paramount, Universal, KY Senator, Huobi Technology Inc. Walmart, Target and Costco”.

Sarah is on the Board of Advisory of media and strategy partnership for Visionary which has access membership for global family office network. She is also a Winner of the 6th “Lumiere New Product AWARD” granted by the International Advanced Imaging Society. She has served as a board member of the international Advanced International Imaging Society, a committee member of the International 3D Equipment. She Has held a board seat on the board of Governor’s for the advanced imaging society for the Sixth Annual 3dVR Creative Awards. Chief creative director and producer of the VR documentary “Beautiful China” series and “Guiling”. She has also conducted a series 360 video interviews for IOC members during the Rio Olympic games. Executive producer and co-host of ICN streaming TV station talk show “meeting”, Sarah has interviewed many celebrities that include Grammy award winners, Broadway show & opera stars, Hollywood producers and directors in “meeting” shows. Sarah produced and directed a new digital short documentary series for Asian Art Week New York and is distributing in both American and China new digital platform.

Sarah has the bachelor degree of mechanical engineer from Wuxi Light Industry University, and MBA degree majored in MIS, marketing and entrepreneurship from Reseller Polytechnic Institution, EMBA Certificate from MIT Sloan school of management at Massachusetts institute of technology & EO, she also has the certificate of producer, sight and sound from NYU Tisch Film school, the certificate of Stanford university’s business school’s executive program for Globalization Strategies; and the certificate of Shanghai Jiao Tong university EMBA of Franchise.


Associate Director

Mr Chan has many years of experience in China, specialising in China entry solutions, financing, and management advisory for cross border transactions.  Mr Chan also has extensive marketing experience and has advised many companies in growing their revenue through strategic marketing arrangements hosted by Mr Chan.


Senior Partner

Mr Kong is a season banker specializing in cross boarder transaction, he has many experience with capital market transaction in different regions. Mr Kong also specialized China entry solutions for many foreign Investors and has come to be a key banker for Silverbear in the GBA area in China.


Partner – Business Development, Capital Markets Advisory

Mr. Donelson is a senior executive with over 25 years of investment banking, mergers and acquisition, and corporate management experience providing value and optimization in operations and strategy. He has worked in investment banking coordinating special projects completing a wide variety of middle market capital formation and advisory transactions in numerous industries involving both privately held and publicly traded companies. Mr. Donelson is also a partner at Ekats Financial LLC and the Vice President Operations at Quantum AI Investment LLC.


Partner – Business Development, Capital Markets Advisory

Mr. Thompson over the span of 30 years in the finance world has developed strong international relationships and reach. His experience allows him to understand opportunities and help clients meet their strategic goals. Mr. Thompson is also advising telecom, infrastructure & business development initiatives at P3 Smart City Partners.


Partner – Business Development, Real Estate

Mr. Chain is a highly experienced real estate manager and developer with over forty years of hands-on involvement in all aspects of the industry. With extensive expertise in real estate development, economic modeling, and management, he has successfully led the feasibility analysis, financing, and development of complex projects valued at over $1 billion. Mr. Chain has arranged significant debt and equity placements, surpassing $750 million, and has been instrumental in the acquisition, development, and management of over one million square feet of commercial projects. His impressive portfolio includes ownership of 5,000 acres of land, encompassing three master planned communities, with the largest spanning 2,400 acres and slated for 12,000 residential units. As a successful entrepreneur, Mr. Chain founded and grew two national real estate franchise offices in Nevada, overseeing operations and generating annual gross sales exceeding $200 million. His remarkable achievements have garnered recognition, including being named the top commercial agent worldwide among a competitive field of 7,000 agents. Additionally, Mr. Chain’s leadership skills and dedication extend to serving on the Board of Directors for the Boy Scouts of America and holding the honorable position of Honorary Commander at the Nellis AFB Warfare Center Command Chief. With his remarkable track record and diverse certifications, Mr. Chain continues to make significant contributions to the real estate industry.


Partner – Business Development, Client Relations

Ms. Ashmore is an experienced business development, investor relations, and sales executive. For more than 16 years she brokered financing for large commercial projects. She is the Director Investor Relations at Quantum AI Investment LLC and a Partner – Business Development & Client Relations at Silverbear Capital. She was also the VP Business Development and Sales Director for a fintech where she secured seed funding for the company. Ms. Ashmore is also a partner in a real estate group specializing in subdivision land development of single and multifamily homes for sale to national builders.



Partner – Business Development, Capital Markets Advisory – Australia/New Zealand

Mr. Bartleet holds an Engineering Degree from Melbourne University and is an experienced C-level executive, consultant, and investment manager with broad venture capital/private equity experience. His experience includes four years as an Investment Manager with a leading Australian venture capital group and Innovation Investment Fund (IIF) licensee where he was responsible for the identification and evaluation of investment opportunities; the negotiation of investment terms; undertaking due diligence; investee mentoring; and the management of a portfolio of investee companies. Mr. Bartleet is the founder of Paprika Capital, an Australian based provider of advisory and capital formation services to high technology firms and ecologically sustainable industries.



Partner – Business Development, Korea

Mr. Hahm is a performance-oriented executive with a 35+ year blend of management and operations experience in petroleum, import/export, manufacturing, and retail. He previously privately owned and operated a fuel shipping terminal and chain of gas stations with over 280 employees in the mid-Pacific that had supply relationships with major petroleum companies including Shell, Exxon Mobil, CalTex (Chevron/Texaco JV), Petronas, Total/Fina/Elf. He acquired the petroleum assets as an independent from Exxon in 1999, which enabled the global merger of Exxon and Mobil to be completed. Mr. Hahm began his petroleum business in 1991 as a distributor for Shell and Arco. He also previously owned and operated an aviation service company contracted to commercial tuna fleets in the South Pacific. More recently, Mr. Hahm consulted to and was the head of operations for a US cosmetic manufacturing company where he managed over 150 employees and oversaw all international import and export of raw materials and distribution of manufactured products. He is also a co-owner of two coal mines and a nickel mine in Indonesia. Mr. Hahm was formerly the Managing Director of a $1.4 billion family office fund where he is an active investment banker overseeing Asia Pacific investments in technologies, manufacturing, hotels, and services.



Partner – Business Development, Capital Markets Advisory, M&A

Mr. Suh is a dedicated professional with over 20 years of leadership experience in Strategy Development and Planning and Cross-border M&A with profound knowledge in various industry sectors, including financial institutions, private equity, venture capital, and manufacturing services, and others. He has strong leadership, team-building skills, and extensive experience in M&A transactions. Mr. Suh has led numerous Korean and cross-border M&A transactions in various industries, including commercial banks, securities firms, mutual savings banks, venture capital firms, industrial materials, and others. Most recently, Mr. Suh was the Senior Vice President & Corporate Strategy Manager at California based Bank of Hope where he led the formation and recruiting of the Strategy and Planning and M&A team and led the establishment of overseas branches and subsidiaries, including strategy, business planning, financial modeling, and regulatory approvals. Previously, Mr. Suh was based in Seoul, Korea where he was the Director and Head of Strategy and Planning at IWL Partners followed by the Managing Director of GB Boston Investment where he led the Private Equity and M&A teams and investors relations and managed relationships with clients, investors, IBs, consulting firms, accounting firms, law firms at both firms. Mr. Suh is a graduate of Chapman University and is fluent in English and Korean.



Partner – Commodities, Derivatives, Cryptocurrency & Business Development

Mr. Beller has over 26 years of experience working in financial markets. He began in the S&P 500 options complex at the CME and traded agriculture as an option market maker for over 15 years. He has been extremely active in cryptocurrency derivatives since 2017 and is assisting to provide liquidity in spot, perpetual futures, futures, and options markets. He serves as a Senior Quant Trader and a managing partner of a CTA, involved in the cryptocurrency markets. He also holds a Series 3 license and has a background in compliance, risk management, and regulatory frameworks. Mr. Beller is currently working on several products and funds that will be available to both individuals and institutions.



Partner – Business Development, Korea

Paul Jang is a distinguished leader with a dynamic and influential presence in the global business landscape. With exceptional communication skills and extensive international experience, he has made significant contributions to various industries, including finance, mergers & acquisitions, company restructuring, R&D, sales, and new factory establishment.

As the former CEO of Daewoo Components, a company listed on KOSPI, and Daewoo Solar, he achieved remarkable global success through exceptional restructuring efforts. His expertise in M&A and restructuring led to his invitation as Vice President at Golden Bridge CRC, where he played a crucial role in post-merger integration and industry analysis. Additionally, he served as a Senior Consultant for NPL and M&A businesses in China and Korea. During his tenure as CEO of Seoul Systems Co, a company listed on KOSDAQ, he skillfully guided the company through significant corporate and financial restructuring. As a Senior Advisor at KTB PE, he offered invaluable insights.

Throughout his illustrious career, Mr. Jang has been involved in various successful projects, including serving as President for prestigious brands like VIDI VICI COSMETICS and participating in a semiconductor (power chip) factory project. Additionally, as CEO of UID Co. (a Credit Card Validation Company-VAN), he achieved an impressive three-fold increase in revenue through strategic restructuring. As CEO of Trium Plus, a technology transfer company, he successfully commercialized intellectual property from major Korean research institutes and conducted a technology transfer business.

Furthermore, Mr. Jang demonstrated his ability to turn around manufacturing companies through strategic outsourcing, R&D, and improved manufacturing processes. Fluent in Korean and possessing moderate proficiency in Chinese and English, his extensive experience and comprehensive skill set continue to impact the global business landscape significantly.



Partner – Business Development, Health, Beauty, Wellness, Medical Devices

Mimi Kim is a pioneering figure in the health and beauty industry, with a career spanning over three decades focused on research, development, manufacturing, and marketing of groundbreaking beauty products and brands. She is known for her expertise in adapting medical and pharmaceutical innovations to create consumer-friendly products that promote healthy and beautiful skin, driven by her belief in making such innovations accessible to all. In addition to her remarkable contributions to the industry, she holds licenses as a sports nutritionist, esthetician, and multi-discipline fitness instructor. She has also served as a dual professor of Kinesiology at the prestigious College of Art & Sport at Inha University in South Korea, renowned for its excellence in engineering and physical sciences. Since 2016, Ms. Kim has successfully launched over 400 K-beauty products for various brands, including notable platforms like QVC and HSN, where she further showcases her expertise as an on-air personality. Her efforts have made cutting-edge Korean health and beauty products widely available to millions of people worldwide. In recognition of her outstanding achievements, Ms. Kim was honored as a K-beauty female entrepreneur at the International Council for Small Business in Tokyo, Japan, in 2018, and she was invited to speak as an esteemed female entrepreneur at the UN’s annual Micro, Small, and Medium Entrepreneur’s Day in New York in 2019.



Dennis has over 20 years experience leading strategic growth development and implementation at multinational corporates and successfully completed growth expansion, market entry, strategic partnership and corporate restructuring/divestment initiatives. Dennis has completed over US$10 billion of M&A and capital market transactions. Dennis was a Managing Director at Fosun International Limited, a leading Chinese Investment Group, responsible for originating and executing M&A. He was formerly Head of M&A and Treasury Transactions at AMP Limited, at that time the largest Australian-listed wealth/investment manager and life insurer, and has advised a global investment manager on their growth in Asia. His previous experiences include M&A at global investment banks in Asia and the US, management consulting and commenced his career at Deloitte, a Big-4 accounting firm. He is a Chartered Accountant, has a CFA and an MBA from Wharton.



Evarist Fangnikoue is a highly experienced professional with a career spanning over two decades in software development and cybersecurity across various industries. His passion for computer programming began at the early age of 18, and since then, he has assisted numerous businesses in software development, data integration, and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies such as Machine Learning and Blockchain. His contributions have played a significant role in advancing global connectivity and financial integration.

Before establishing DARA Group, Evarist held the position of Project Manager & Lead Solution Architect for the Student Response System at the prestigious Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Additionally, his Ph.D. research focused on the development of a National Database for a country, highlighting the critical importance of data collection for national security and resilience. Through his research, he gained insights into potential vulnerabilities in AI, robotics, and IoT devices.



Keishawn is also the Founder and Producer at Play by Tak3 One , with over a decade of experience keishawn combines his creative vision and strategic thinking to bring stories to life on the screen and to facilitate secure investment deals in the film and finance sector with Silverbear Capital. Based in Los Angeles California Keishawn is a upcoming mogul making head waves throughout the world in the film and investment sector.

Evarist has also invested in numerous emerging startups and companies. With his extensive background in software development, expertise in cybersecurity, and deep understanding of the risks associated with emerging technologies, Evarist is committed to driving innovation and creating solutions that protect both businesses and individuals.


Senior Partner − AI Cybersecurity Fund Management

Dr. Anna Shebanow holds a doctorate degree in Computer Science with a focus on Information Security. She is a faculty member at Brandeis University specializing in Cybersecurity. She has a B.A. in Computer Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and a M.S. in business management from Colorado Technical University. Dr. Shebanow has taught undergraduate and graduate degree programs at San Jose State University, Colorado State University, and Ottawa University. She has also designed and implemented degree programs and technical courses for graduate programs at numerous universities. Dr. Shebanow has over 20 years of engineering and business leadership experience working for Fortune 500 companies. She has also presented at TEDx in Cairo, Egypt, and many other conferences, and she has published her research work in the areas of cloud computing and technical innovation management. Dr. Shebanow has founded 7 Internet companies, including a cybersecurity vulnerabilities detection platform with global engineering teams.


Senior Partner – AI Cybersecurity Fund Management

Katrina is an accomplished business strategist advising companies and governments. She has worked with clients in a wide range of industries including cybersecurity, healthcare, transportation, sports (NBA and NFL teams), telecommunications, clean-tech, emerging markets, finance, higher- education. Her efforts have led to over $80 million in deal flow. She has advised governments for over a decade and raised capital for emerging companies. She continues to advise founders within the cybersecurity domain and is involved in numerous AI-driven tech-focused business ventures. Katrina has served on the Board of Directors at St. Rose Hospital for the past 12 years, overseeing the hospital’s governance, operational, legal, and financial decisions. She was instrumental in securing a multi-year, $16 million funding commitment for the hospital. She previously worked in the institutional and retail industry for UBS Financial Services and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and held Series 7 and 66 securities licenses. Katrina was an on-air financial news expert for Morgan Stanely and with ABC10 News, Sacramento, California as well as other media outlets. She was an appointee of California Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger where she served as an inter-governmental relations analyst for the California Performance Review (CPR). Katrina holds certificates in Blockchain Strategy from Oxford University and Accelerating Board Diversity from Harvard University. She has an MBA in finance from Colorado Technical University and a B.A. in Business Organizational Studies from the University of California. Katrina is a doctoral candidate of Engineering with a specialization in Cybersecurity Analytics. Her dissertation and research concentrate on developing AI-driven security solutions for IoTs, particularly in the realm of post-quantum computing.



Since 2012, Mr. Frankovich has served as Founder and principal executive of ST Family Of Companies, a holding company for wellness-related companies, where he oversees operations and business development on 5 continents.

From 2008 – 2013, he served as partner and trade finance coordinator at the Atlas Investments group, where he specialized in project management of real estate and multi-family investment portfolios. From 2018-present, he served as founder and seed investigator in two cutting edge biotech companies.

With over 20 plus years in private banking and family office structure, Mr Frankovich brings a wealth of wallstreet knowledge in structuring, project management and M&A. He has a heavy focus on Tech, Biotech and Sports and entertainment. Having worked globally with business in South East Asia, South America, Europe and North America, his approach is taking private companies public and expanding their footprints in foreign markets. Doing this by taking a company from the west and expanding it into the east or vice versa.



Martin is a driven and resourceful individual who has over 30 years of experience in business across different industries . Has acquired a strong understanding of international trade & financing.
As a serial entrepreneur, Martin is sitting on the board of various companies as an advisor sharing his vast and rich experiences to assist and strategized in the growth of these companies, especially within the RCEP regions.
Martin graduated from University of Roehampton with a Masters of Business Administration.



Daniel Elegent is a Capitalist and entrepreneur bringing Private and Social Capital together for the betterment of humanity with a Kingdom perspective.

Graduated with an MBA from the University of Roehampton, London he brings more than 20 years of international banking and finance expertise to Silverbear.

He is also an Experienced business leader with a demonstrated history of working in the banking and financial services institutions and currently sits on the board of various companies and represents many organisation around the globe offering valuable experience and advisory. He is Highly skilled in Business Development & Strategic Partnerships, Structured and International Trade, M&A, Investment Management, private debt and equity. His Strong professional literacy of languages and dialects helps him connect with people from different countries and diverse backgrounds bringing value to the work he does.



Thomas has been working in IT&T industry for more than 25 years and has worked for Deloitte, BT, HACTL, ASL and Unisys. His last position was Vice President, Business Enterprise, WTT. He is responsible to build up a new business model and organization focusing on existing and new large enterprises.

Throughout his career Thomas has advice enterprises on technology, people and processes. Especially on M&A initiatives, technology/cyber risk and IT operational risk advice and consultancy to the board of HK and MNC enterprises specialized in aviation, telecom, property, construction, logistic and Insurance industry.

Thomas possess experience in IT and business operations in both buyer and vendor environments and had extensive experience in Business Transformation, Digital Transformation, System Integration, Risk consulting and Solutions, Information Technology Outsourcing, Business Process Outsourcing, Sales Operations and Business Development.

Thomas holds an Executive Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Chinese University of Hong Kong and a Master’s Degree in Information Security from University of London.



Eduardo Berumen excels in business development and expanding sales channels primarily for financial enterprises. For more than ten years he has focused on building connections between global financial markets and opportunities in Mexico and Latin America. Mr. Berumen started his career at a U.S. hedge fund and now plays a key role in adapting international finance strategies to fit local markets. He is an active board membership across various private companies in sectors like financial services, technology, oil and gas, and construction. He has collaborated with notable corporations including Grupo Financiero Inbursa and IBM México, Vivaerobus, Banorte among others. Alongside his professional endeavors, Eduardo is also very committed to cultural and social affairs, demonstrating his dedication to fostering economic growth and enriching society.


Senior Partner

Mr.Taichi Aso was born as a member of Aso Family who owns renoun Aso Family Office in Japan. He graduated from Keio University, Department of Commerce and Managementone, one of the top private university in Japan. After graduation, he managed important projects in Sapporo Breweries Limited, and later in Aso Cement Co., Ltd. and eventually founded Aso Planning Co., Ltd.. Currently Mr. Taichi is managing his own Company, General Incorporated Association Perseus Fallcon in Japan, and Aso Daichi Multilink Co.,Ltd. in Nigeria.



LIU Jian holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Hunan University, China. As a senior legal practitioner, he has focused on corporate risk control for 20 years and has provided guidance and services to hundreds of companies. He is currently the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zhong Ya International Ltd. (ZYJT), the Director of the China Tax Business Alliance (Guangdong) Enterprise Service Center (Limited Partnership), and the Director of the Enterprise Listing Committee of Southern Economics Information Centre. LIU is an expertise on the top-level design of corporate capital paths and the structure of the underlying logic of industry operations. He is the business consultant for many companies in China, he also has rich channels and resources with China government and commercial organizations.



Jenn Lim has served as a director of HWGG Entertainment Limited (OTCQB Stock Code: HWGG). Currently holding the position of Executive Director at Twinstar Capital Sdn Bhd and serving as the Director of Twinstar Leisure Sdn Bhd, he is also the founder of VHC Exchange (VHCEX), an esteemed platform that caters to millions of users globally.

In his role as a director at HWGG Entertainment Limited, Jenn Lim aspired to elevate the entertainment industry to new heights. His vision encompassed delivering world-class services and entertainment to customers and clients, with a commitment to expanding into potential locations across Southeast Asia. Through a progressive approach, he aimed to introduce HWGG Entertainment Limited to a global audience, establishing its reputation as a leading entertainment company worldwide.

Jenn Lim, having previously held the position of CEO at Virtual Currency Philippines Inc., worked closely with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) and the Securities and Exchange Commission to secure the company’s license. On June 28, 2018, he successfully obtained the cryptocurrency exchange license for VHCEx. Demonstrating a strong commitment to the field, Jenn Lim, a dedicated computer professional, is fervently devoted to fostering an open and transparent financial market. He firmly believes in the gradual revolutionary impact of cryptography and blockchain on the global financial industry, and he is resolute in pursuing this vision for VHCEx to achieve success.

During the pandemic, Jenn Lim embarked on three additional ventures, ensuring their sustainable growth through both short- and long-term perspectives. To augment his business portfolio, he introduced HWG Security, a licensed security company, aimed at providing comprehensive security solutions for corporate or VIPs in various settings.

Building on his proven success with previous ventures, Jenn Lim assumed the role of COO at HWGIB, showcasing his strategic planning skills and relationship-building expertise to facilitate the growth of the latest offshore investment bank. This venture, in partnership with Nevis International Bank & Trust and licensed by the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA), underscores his commitment to continued success.

Jenn Lim earned his Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology degree from Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia.



Roger Ludwig Jr. has been an entrepreneur in his career, developing and managing his own businesses, with occasional participation in assisting families in their business investments. Roger has extensive expertise in distressed asset recovery, settlement/compromise negotiation, real estate owned liquidation, asset management, litigation support, turnaround management, corporate valuation and merger & acquisition. Currently, Roger is also a Director of Asian Operations of Asher Capital Group Asia (HK) (, specializing in global project financing and bank systems advisory, and focusing on developing the financial packaging, investment capital, loans and guarantees to support the funding of several projects in Asia.


Andrés Arcadio
Partner – Investment Banking, Capital Markets

Mr. Rodríguez is a seasoned Certified Public Accountant with extensive education from renowned institutions such as the Kellogg School of Management and the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. With over 14 years of teaching experience at both college and master’s levels, he has also played significant roles in the financial sector, including membership in the Bolsa Mexicana de Valores Issuers Committee and receiving the National Award for Bursatilization. Notably, he has facilitated major international transactions, such as listing JUGOS DEL VALLE on the NYSE and negotiating the sale of the company to The Coca-Cola Co., one of Mexico’s largest M&A deals. Furthermore, Mr. Rodríguez has contributed to the Corporate Executive Board in Washington, D.C., leveraging the CITI Group seat where the VP’s of the Forbes 400 convened to discuss best practices. His extensive experience also includes representing foreign banks such as American Express Bank International, Banque Kramer & Cie (Switzerland), and Andbanc (Principality of Andorra). Currently serving as an agent for Grupo Financiero Inbursa and Eficentrum (Grupo Carso), Mr. Rodríguez is also a member of the International Leaders Council for the American Society Chapter Mexico, offering advisory services to conglomerates, banks, family offices, and financial institutions with a focus on private debt and equity placements, particularly in nearshoring and onboarding to the US.